Larry williams – The Art of Short Term Trading St. Croix October 25 – 27, 2014

Larry williams – The Art of Short Term Trading St. Croix October 25 – 27, 2014

Larry williams – The Art of Short Term Trading St. Croix October 25 – 27, 2014

Larry williams –  The Art of Short Term Trading St. Croix October 25 – 27, 2014

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An Experience in the Art of Trading

This is it… Next October I Turn 73 and will retire from the life of a public trader…

So, you don’t want to miss2013 LnL Group Photo

The Art of Short Term Trading
St. Croix
October 25 – 27, 2014


Trade in Paradise – Take Part in What may Be the Last of my LnL Trading Seminars!

It began 4 years ago as a one time event. Now, at least once a week some have asked, others have pleaded, for me to do this particular presentation again.

What I will be teaching – and trading in real time – is along the lines of what I have taught, but always there are new twists and turns so we are not all trying to buy/sell at the exact same point.

Here’s what you will learn…


Past Historical Performance Simulated or Real
Does Not Guarantee Future Results… BUT CHECK THIS OUT

In just a moment, I will explain to you the trading strategy I will be teaching here in St. Croix. But first I want to talk about three absolute mechanical trading strategies we gave to last year’s students. Here is what they have done since the June 2013 seminar TRADING JUST ONE CONTRACT AT ALL TIMES.

Mechanical System
Profit Since June 2013
# of Trades
Percent Winners
Since Seminar


For the 2014 event I have developed what I think are even better automatic systems programmed for you on TradeStation or Genesis. I have been hard at work the last 12 months to produce the best of my work for the last lap around the track. Here are the back tested results based much on what we have learned from real time trading the 2013 systems.

New Mechanical System
# of Trades
Percent Winners
Last 12 Months

It has taken me a great deal of time to understand how to implement mechanical trading strategies. What signals are the best? I think I know. The 2014 break through was learning how to hold on to trades for bigger profits. That’s part of what you will be learning… I will be trading these systems as well as my short term “art of trading” strategy with real money at the seminar. In other words I will put my own money on the line.

These are NOT the same trading strategies offered as a monthly paid subscription in TradeStation. They are better. On TradeStation these systems would lease for $5,400 per year. The results are very impressive. I have done several unique things to create these automatic systems. First of all, the main goal was to hold trades for more than one or two days to make for a large average profit per trade and better risk reward ratios. The numbers indicate I’ve done just that and I will teach you this important discovery.


You will learn a specific trading strategy. It is not complex. It can be used on intraday charts, but I have not spent much time on that. I use it on day bar session charts. It does work on markets throughout the world. THIS WILL NOT BE RECORDED TO SELL TO OTHERS AT A LOWER PRICE LATER.WE CAN ONLY FIT 53 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM. WE HAVE ALWAYS TURNED PEOPLE AWAY SO AT LEAST RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!

The Uniqueness of the LnL Strategy…

Can you make money with what I teach you? That is the bottom line.

In an email I just got, from one of last year’s students (he’s in Europe,) announced the opening of his trading fund. It is not totally based on LnL but is on the ideas he learned and his adaptations. This is not atypical; many of my LnL students have quit their job and/or now manage large sums of money.

I saw a pattern on my charts in 1967 and have been working with it ever since. It is the strongest momentum driven pattern I have ever seen. It is the operating rule behind all my LnL theory. When you take a look at it on any, yes any other momentum indicator, I think you will agree with me that this is the most powerful pattern operating in all indicators and all markets. This is the sweet spot of momentum. It works on all markets; stocks or commodities.

See For Yourself

Image 1: LnL Example of Gold – Click Image to Enlarge

On the above chart of Gold I have marked off the set up days for buys and sells. My best guess is that after 30 minutes with me you will also be able to spot these trades. It is not difficult…at all!

Image 2: LnL Example of Google – Click Image to Enlarge

I developed LnL with one concept in mind… I wanted an “indicator simple” solution to the art of short term trading. It had to be easy enough you could keep the indicators by hand, (as I did for 37 years) able to operate in any software, work on any time frame. I did not care if it did not identify every twist and turn in the market. I just wanted to nail the most highly reliable trades.

Image 3: LnL Example of Dollar Index – Click Image to Enlarge

Now we are looking at the Dollar Index. The system is designed to keep you on the right side of the trend. Stop bottom fishing…if I can break you of that one habit you will thank me for the rest of your life. My LnL tools are just what you need.

==>Download Seminar Brochure <==

When you come to St. Croix to learn LnL with me I think you will be astounded when you see that we use my original Williams %R that has been popularized throughout the world for almost 50 years.

The major addition is that we combine % R with another indicator to tell us what the true underlying trend of the market is. Using moving averages or volatility stops to identify the true trend of the market gets you whipsawed and often into a trend move about the time it’s over.

Image 4: LnL Example of Crude Oil – Click Image to Enlarge

The new indicator, you will learn (in my 53 years of trading I have never seen anything else like it), is based on the idea that momentum is more important than price trend. Momentum can identify trend shifts before we notice them in price. When momentum is up we want to be buying. When momentum is down, we want to be selling; MORE IMPORTANTLY IS TO KNOW WHEN THE OPTIMAL MOMENTUM TIME IS, and now we do know!

Above you see a chart of Crude; note how the system adapts to go long and short.

Here’s a hard truth we need to face; it is impossible to always know the trend of momentum or price. This means another hard truth. That is we will not catch every significant move in the market. What we want to do is avoid catching the ones that don’t work, and that’s what LnL does. It doesn’t always trade, but when it does, the odds are stacked in our favor. Why trade unless the advantages are all on your side of the table?

You will learn 3 specific short-term momentum patterns
that are congruent with the longer-term trend of momentum.

Understand the patterns, and you will instantly understand the pulse of stocks or commodities.

As I have mentioned, the problem with this particular approach to trading is it does not signal every possible up move. If that bothers you, you should not attend. If you don’t have the patience to wait, you also should not attend. If you don’t have 20 to 30 minutes a day to look through the markets to find where these “loaded” short-term trading opportunities are. This is not for you.

Student Receiving Special "Repeat" AwardThis trading approach is for people who have patience, who are not compulsive… It is for traders that want to make money as opposed to making trades. If that shoe fits you… I guess I really should say if that sandal fits you… then join us on the beach here in St. Croix.

As most of you know, I began trading stocks, but switched to commodities in 1970. Many of you still trade stocks or ETF’s and always want to know if my techniques work there. They do. They work just as well.

You know that old adage about looking for a needle in a haystack? I have spent the last 53 years looking for a lot of needles in the haystacks of the marketplace. I have found quite a few. It certainly isn’t that I am smarter than you. It’s just that I have looked more often and have a better idea of what to look for.

I would like to personally show you what I have found, which I think will make you a much more successful trader, here in St. Croix. Come join me for this experience in the art of trading. I firmly believe what I will be teaching you will substantially help your short-term trading.Networking

You may have picked up on why I called this a “trading event” several times. That’s exactly what it is. You will be in the same room with 52 other traders. People just like you, from all over the world, with the same aspirations. People I think you will find fascinating, willing to share and give additional insights into my work. Some of these will be repeat LnL seminars students. We discourage them, but they keep coming back! When asked why, they always give the same answer, I always learn something. Each seminar has been invaluable.

What you will learn…

You will learn specific entry techniques, stop loss techniques, targets and trailing stop loss techniques from my LnL trading strategy. We will review hundreds of examples of trades to imprint this trading strategy into your mind.

We will begin Saturday morning at 9 AM sharp and go until 5 PM, same thing on Sunday.

Starting Sunday night I will be placing orders and trading. I will continue lecturing on Monday morning until noon.


There will be lots more…

This is most definitely not just another seminar. It is an experience in the art of trading, an experience with me as your guide for the remainder of 2014.

You’ll experience an “island lifestyle” most people only dream about; unique culture, surroundings, and foods at the beautiful and historic Buccaneer Hotel.

1. MONEY MANAGEMENT TO THE MAX: I will also be teaching what I think is the most critical aspect of money management – the one thing virtually everyone else has overlooked. This will shake up your life.

2. BEST HOLIDAY TRADES: I have prepared a special report giving the precise and best trading strategies for all US Holidays for Bonds, Stocks and Gold. These are real “cream puff” trading opportunities.

3. ADVANCED COT INDEX: You will also learn how I construct my Advanced COT Index. You may have seen this on Larry TV. This is a) a break through b) the best COT Index and c) the simplest way to follow the Commercials. You will also learn a new way to use it that applies to stocks and futures.

4. THE PERFECT TRADE REPORT: There is one trade I have found that has never lost money, going back to the 1900’s. The only problem is that it does no take place very often. When it’s close we will sell the report for $1,000 or you can learn it here with me in St Croix.

5. DR JASON WILLIAMS: My son will be joining us, remotely, to reveal what he has found out that makes for winning traders. Attendees will get a copy of his book “The Mental Edge in Trading“. Take a moment and go on Amazon to read the reviews (unsolicited/not written by any of us). Jason will be covering how his studies of successful traders can help you in your own trading.

6. RETIRMENT TRADING PROGRAM: It’s no secret that next year I cease all this public life stuff…which also means I have been hard at work at a trading system I have called my “retirement” program. It trades the ES, about twice a month…perfect for an old guy like me or someone that wants less hassle. It’s averaged about $15,000 a year with accuracy so high it even makes me wonder but I will trade it because it’s based on the strongest market influences I know. I wish it traded more often is the only problem ;-(

7. HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM SEASONAL TRADES: I’ve taught this publicly just one time… but no more…it’s just too powerful of a concept to get watered down. I will show you how to know this year’s seasonal influence will in fact work—or not. You will learn how to spot seasonal trades months in advance, then when you get have a unique insight that tells you, “Nope, not this year” or “Yes, this year the seasonal is as sure of a trade as it can be. A great concept for stocks futures.

I will also explain the US Virgin Islands EDC and Tech Park programs that offers a combined 4% federal and state income tax for those that qualify.

==>Download Seminar Brochure <==

Sunday night Louise & I will be your host at our home for a dinner at sunset.

I know you will love it here. The event will be held at the Buccaneer Hotel, the finest hotel on the island. You will understand why we live in this paradise. Both Louise and I want this to be an event you will remember.

This very special event includes 3 nights at the Buccaneer, special gifts for all attendees, a special dinner at our home, and special attention to your trading success. We can only take 53 people. I hope you can be one of them.

The Best Part of the Seminar Will Not Take Place in St. Croix…

The best part of the seminar may well be our follow-up with one webinar each week until the end of the year. We can discuss trades and you can see the actual trades I am taking myself. In other words this is not just another seminar. It is a training/imprinting program. The webinars will be recorded and posted so you can watch them again or in the event you cannot attend the live sessions.

You get a lot more than just a trading strategy with rules, etc. You also get me in these weekly webinars…you will be looking over my shoulder… and perhaps more importantly… I will be looking over your shoulder, if that’s what you want, at your trades to help you adapt to the strategy during our webinars.

Event: The Art of Short Term Trading
Date: October 25, 26, & 27 2014
Location: The Buccaneer Hotel, St Croix US Virgin Islands
Price: $10,000 *

Reserve Your Spot With a $1,000 Deposit

Sold Out

Contact Our Office to be Placed on Our Waiting List:
[email protected]

This is probably the last chance to learn all this.
I may do one next year but…that’s a long way off…don’t wait…start using these strategies now!

* The price includes your hotel room for 3 nights, breakfast all 3 days, lunch all 3 days, dinner party at our house, weekly webinars until the end of 2014, and printed bound manual.

Remaining balance must be paid by October 3rd.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel on or before October 3rd, you will receive a full refund of your deposit and whatever other monies you have paid. The refund will be issued by check. If you live outside the US, refund will be issued by wire. If you cancel after October 3rd, there is a $700 cancellation fee.


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