L. Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer – Figuring Out People

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[b]L. Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer – Figuring Out People [ebook – 1PDF][/b]

This book contains all you ever wanted to know about Meta-programs, the tools by which we can evaluate how people function! First it provides an in-depth explanation of the Meta-programming technique, and then furnishes fifty-one examples of Meta-programs. It thus provides clear insight into our own behaviour as well as that of other people, challenging us to understand how people operate and how to change our behaviour accordingly in order to communicate with them successfully. An essential addition to any NLP library.

Table of Contents



Ch. 1 What in the world do we mean by meta-programs?

Ch. 2 Meta-Programs for Figuring Out People

PART II: The Meta-Programs

Ch. 3 The “Mental” Meta-Programs

Ch. 4 The “Emotional” Meta-Programs

Ch. 5 The “Volitional” Meta-Programs

Ch. 6 The “Response” Meta-Programs

Ch. 7 The Meta Meta-Programs
Meta-Processing About Conceptual/Semantic Realities
Identity/ Self/ “Time”/ Problems/ Morality, etc.


Ch. 8 Context and Meta-Programs
The Context Determines the Reality

Ch. 9 Changing Meta-Programs
Learning to Become a Different Kind of Person

Ch. 10 Design Engineering in Profiling People

Ch. 11 Reading Meta-Programs From the Outside
“Excuse me, but your Meta-programs are showing!”


Appendix A A Comment on the Formatting the Meta-Programs

Appendix B  Meta-Programs Elicitation

Appendix C The NLP Eye Access Chart And Representation Systems Predicates

Appendix D Hierarchy of Language On The Scale Of Specificity And Abstraction

Appendix E Meta-Programs In Five Categories And Meta Meta-Programs

Appendix F Meta-Programs as a Sorting Grid

Appendix G There Is No “Is”

Appendix H Meta-Programs To Come

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Glossary of NLP Terms

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