Krasimir Kirov – Essential Business Formulas and Ratios for Managers

Krasimir Kirov – Essential Business Formulas and Ratios for Managers

Krasimir Kirov – Essential Business Formulas and Ratios for Managers

Krasimir Kirov – Essential Business Formulas and Ratios for Managers

Name Product: Krasimir Kirov – Essential Business Formulas and Ratios for Managers
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With the dominance of the bottom line in every aspect of how your performance is graded, you have a distinct advantage if you are skilled at conveying information in terms of profitability. On the other side, you are at a distinct disadvantage if you cannot communicate the profit and loss aspects of your work to management. On a most basic level, just asking management for something is less effective than demonstrating how an approval is going to create additional profits or cut costs (related directly to revenues) and expenses (overhead).

Your purpose in making effective use of numerical information is to convey the essential data that management needs to make an informed decision – and to make your case convincingly. Faced with an endless array of choices, management’s desire is to make choices that are not only the most profitable but that also involve the least risk.

The course is designed to provide the basic skills in using financial and statistical facts, whether in reports and presentations. The course’s purpose is not to provide instruction in communication abilities but to demonstrate how to develop a range of formulas and how to apply them to typical situations. The information enables you to more confidently and effectively include financial and statistical data in your reports and presentations and to provide convincing arguments to support your recommendations. Each section introduces a series of formulas/ratios and explains the context in which to apply them. The step-by-step formulation is followed by an example to show how the application of the formula works (formulas and examples are designed in Excel spreadsheets).

Content and Overview:

This course contains 44 lectures and 3+ hours of content organized in 7 areas. It’s designed for beginners and intermediate non-financial professionals regardless of their experience level, who wish to improve their knowledge and gain new skills at the same time.

The content areas include:

Time Value of Money and Compounding
Present Value, Sinking Funds, and Loan Amortization
Rates of Return – Net Return on Equity and Revenue, Cash-on-Cash Return, Return on Investment, Annualized Return, Dividend and Current Yield
Calculating Break-Even and After-Tax Profit
Cash Flow Calculations
Balance Sheet Ratios – Accounts Receivable, Debt, Interest Coverage, Inventory Turnover, Fixed Asset Turnover
Income Statement Ratios and Reporting
Depreciation and Amortization Calculations

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained valuable skills that will help you prepare and perform financial reports, budgets, and other numerical chores to increase their effectiveness and facilitate their communication. The course arms you with communication skills designed to improve your reports and presentations. Once you master the numerical aspects of your message, your overall communication skills rise and your effectiveness improves as a direct result.

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