Khai Ng’s InspirationDNA 3.0 [PLR]

Khai Ng’s InspirationDNA 3.0 [PLR]

[center][b]Khai Ng’s InspirationDNA 3.0 [PLR] [ Documents (934 DOC/82 PDF/190 HTML/CSS ) + Graphic (1470 JPG/176 PSD) + Videos (2 AVI/ 2 FLV ) ][/b][/center]

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Inspiration DNA 3.0

The Newest, Biggest And The Best Of Personal Development PLR
#1: Personal Awareness Niche

The Big Book On Personality Typing – Discover What Are The Most Popular Personality Typing Tools Out There
Microexpression Master – How To Read The Tiniest Body Language To Know What Others Are Thinking
Destiny, Purpose And Your Future – Your Real Life Purpose Revealed
Self Help Lessons By Best Sellers – What You Can Learn From The 10 Best Self Help Books Of Our Time
Your Inner Counselor – Seeking Guidance from Your Higher Self

#2: Dating And Relationship Niche

First Year Marriage Survival – How To Survive Your First Year Of Marriage For New Couples
Moving On Without You – How To Survive Ending A Long Term Relationship
Unconditional Love – Steps On Removing Attachments And To Love Unconditionally
Ex Attraction Secrets – Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Ex Back
The Relationship Rescue Plan – The Last Resort You Will Need To Save Any Relationship

#3: Health And Fitness Niche

Fitness Video Vibes – The 10 Hottest Workout Videos You Can Learn From
Lessons You Can Learn From Fitness Classes – Pump, Step, Attack And Jam Your Way To Optimal Health
Plyometrics Fitness Adrenaline – Jump Your Way To Slimmer And Fitter Body
Eat More, Not Less To Lose Weight – Build Your Health And Your Body By Eating Right, Not Less
Dancing Your Fats Away – Things You Can Learn From Dancing Classes

#4: Spiritual Niche

The Spiritual Strength Of Sedona – How To Increase Your Energy As Though You Are In Sedona’s Vortex
The Ultimate Crystal Healing Guide – How To Use Crystals To Heal The Body And Transform The Spirit
Tarot Card Readings And Your Destiny – Learn Your Destiny Through Tarot Card Reading
Natural Numerology – Learn How Your Numbers Can Change Your Life
Past Life Regression And Reincarnation – Everything You Need To Know About Reincarnation And Past Lives
#5: metaphysics Niche

The Law Of Attraction Bible – The Most Important Guide You Will Ever Need To Attract Everything In Life
Manifestation Mastermind – The Ultimate Guide To Manifesting Effectively
The metaphysics Journal – The Most Important Guide You Will Ever Read On metaphysics Matters

#6: Mind Mastery Niche

NLP Mastery Program – Everything You Need To Know About Mastering NLP
Inspiration Ignition And Integration – How To Create Inspiration Out Of Thin Air
The Entrepreneur Breakthrough Mindset – Become Your Own Man With The Right Attitude

#7: Marketing Niche

The Traffic Generation Personality Type – Discover What Traffic Generation Strategies Are Suitable For You
Pinterest Perfection – How To Use Pinterest To Monetize Pictures
Clickbank Cash Cow Secrets – Monetize The World’s Biggest Marketplace Today
The Copywriter’s Swipe File Vault – Every Swipe File You Will Ever Need To Master Copy
The 5th Wave Social Media Onslaught – Everything A Network Marketer Must Know To Prepare For The Future

#8: Financial Niche

Financial Abundance Strategy – Discover Your Wealth Frequency And What Works Best For You
Fengshui Fortunes Guide – How To Develop Financial Freedom And Life Long Happiness
Debt Consolidation Strategies – How To Become Great At Managing Debts
Recession Race For Riches – How To Take Advantage Of A Recession Gold Rush To Get Rich
#9: Lifestyle Niche

Liberation Lifestyles – The Path To Ultimate Freedom Mentally, Emotionally And Spiritually
Outdoor Adventures – Your Guide To Enjoying The Great Outdoors

#10: Break Addiction Niche

Nicotine Support Superstar
Beating The Butt On Your Own
Getting Off The Gambling Train
Gaming Addiction Group Ground Rules
Squash The Gaming Monster

#11: Family And Parenting Niche

Development Dilemma
Your Child’s Mental Health
Discipline Dynamics
Childhood Wellness
Public Safety Patrol

#12: Beauty And Enhancement Niche

Beautiful Body Essentials – Exercise Tips For That Great Body
Mirror Madness – A Guide To Better Body Image
Hairdo Holyland – All About The Best style For You

#13: Productivity Niche

Personal Productivity Power – Get More Hours And Work Done In A Day
Wake Up Now – How To Wake Up Early And Rise Energetically
Resolution Forever – How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution All Year Round
Achieve Breakthrough Using Delayed Gratification
Holistic Growth Goal Setting – How To Set Goals For Living A Balanced Life

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