Kendall Summerhawk – VIP Day Quick Profit Secrets

Kendall Summerhawk – VIP Day Quick Profit Secrets

Kendall Summerhawk – VIP Day Quick Profit Secrets

Dear Friend,

The slowest way to grow your business is to do it alone. The fastest way to grow your business is with help. There are 3 kinds of help that you can use to grow your business.

The first kind of help is “employees”. They’re great to have because they can actually help you get things done in your business (especially stuff we’re not so good at).

They are very valuable, but they usually don’t cost a tremendous amount: Maybe $12-$45/hour. Still if your business isn’t making a lot of money yet, hiring someone is a tough pill to swallow.

The second kind of help is getting advice, training, or coaching from someone that can help you shorten the learning curve. The right advice can mean the difference between boom or bust. This is one of the smartest, most lucrative investments you can ever make.

Even now, after having made millions of dollars, when I look at all of my money and try to figure out the best ways to re-invest it to make the biggest returns, I can’t find anything that pays higher dividends than training and coaching programs. I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into my business and I plan to continue to do so.

As great as this is, it’s nothing compared to…

The “Miracle” 3rd Type of Help For Your Business…

The 3rd type of help you can get for your business is miraculous. It doesn’t cost you any money, yet it can make you more money than employees, coaching, or training -COMBINED.

You’ve probably guessed by now, this 3rd kind is getting help from joint venture or JV partners. A JV partner is someone who has a business with the same kinds of customers you have.

A JV partner is someone that will promote you to their customers and clients to help you rapidly grow your prospect list, and sell your products and services for you.

Just one JV partner could make you an extra $100,000/year.
One JV partner can launch you into stardom.
One JV partner can fill your business for years.
Imagine what would happen with 10, 20, or 30?

“One Of My Top JV Partners…”

“Christian is always one of my top JV partners. He knows how to throw everything plus the kitchen sink at a promotion to help me grow my list and make more sales.”

Lisa Sasevich

“Christian Is One Of The Best JV Partners Around…”

“Christian is one of the best JV partners around! We’ve been top partners for each other on launches and one of the reasons I’m so motivated to promote for him is because he knows how to create an amazing relationship with his JV partners and have them be EXCITED to promote for him. I can’t think of anyone better to learn from if you’re a coach and you want to learn how to use JVs to grow your business quickly!”

Sharla Jacobs, CEO

“How I Got 20 Coaching Clients In 1 Month With 1 JV Partner…”

“When I started I had 2 irregular coaching clients paying me a pittance, and didn’t really know anything about marketing, JVs or how to grow a coaching business.

“I felt frustrated, and guilty because I knew I was a great coach but didn’t know how to ‘get the word out’ about how I could powerfully help people.

“I took Christian’s advice and training on how to get JVs to promote me

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