Ken Wilber Future of Spirituality

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Ken Wilber Future of Spirituality

Ken Wilber Future of Spirituality

One of the most wonderful things about documenting the Integral movement is hearing Ken Wilber talk at his loft about the future of spirituality. In these times of upheaval and radical interconnectivity, we believe that the opportunity for collective transformation has never been greater-and nothing is more important to this global transformation than updating our spiritual approaches and practices for today’s world.

Though our Integral Life archives feature a very diverse catalogue of Ken’s spiritual teachings, we wanted to create a new series that brought together all of these offerings into a more fully integrated whole. When we began talking to Ken’s old friend and colleague Tami Simon, it became clear to us that Tami was the perfect person to interview Ken on his current view of spirituality and what it has to offer each of us who are on a contemplative spiritual path.

We are pleased to announce that Ken and Tami’s collaboration will launch on September 4th as a six-part video series entitled The Future of Spirituality: Why It Must Be Integral.
If you are interested, but want some more information, read on!

For those of us who embrace an integral evolutionary view of spirituality, it can be easy sometimes to take for granted the radical shift in awareness that the Integral worldview brings into our lives. As we explore these contemplative paths of spiritual development, we often dive more deeply into state experiences, and sometimes forget that enlightened awareness in our time moves in two directions: waking up and growing up.

In this landmark video series, Ken and Tami explore the development of contemplative practices that open us up to the infinite freedom at the very core of our consciousness (waking up) while also reminding us of the need to fully participate in the ongoing evolution of our lives (growing up).

“The enlightened person of today and of 2,000 years ago is equally free. But now, for the first time in human history, we have the potential for a far more expansive, fuller spiritual experience than ever before possible.” -Ken Wilber

Here’s some of what Ken and Tami cover in this remarkable six-part video series:

Why does spirit want to evolve?
What is the difference between “waking up” and “growing up” as two distinct and essential processes of evolutionary spirituality?
How does our place in history and culture shape our personal developmental path?
How are science and western psychology transforming spirituality?
Why do spiritual teachers sometimes fail to live up to our expectations?
Do all spiritual paths lead to the same destination?
What can we say about reincarnation and life after death?

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