KelbyTraining – Beauty and Portrait Retouching Kit 2013

KelbyTraining - Beauty and Portrait Retouching Kit 2013

KelbyTraining – Beauty and Portrait Retouching Kit 2013

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Genre: elearning
Author:  David Cuerdon
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Digital Artist David Cuerdon provides downloads and lessons in this course that are designed to help photographers improve the look and quality of their portrait images.

01. Introduction (02:09) David introduces himself and gives an overview of what will be covered in this course
02. Color Space (05:11) Editing color settings in Photoshop and saving old settings
03. Downloads Folder (09:23) Covering Photoshop presets, plug-ins and stuff
04. Eye Retouching, Part 1 (12:06) Eyes are the first things we look at in a face so retouching them is very important
05. Eye Retouching, Part 2 (03:00) How to use the tools provided in the course downloads
06. Eye Retouching, Part 3 (04:14) Painting on layer masks and redness removal
07. Eye Retouching, Part 4 (04:58) Recreating the pupil and iris color boost
08. Eye Retouching, Part 5 (11:02) Creating an iris ring and window catch light in the eye
09. Eye Retouching, Part 6 (04:28) Creating the moon highlight that sits opposite the catch light
10. Advanced Eye Retouching (08:40) Some advanced techniques for eye retouching
11. Working on Eye Brows (10:39) Using custom shapes to shape eye brows
12. Eye Lashes and Eye Liner (04:58) Adding lashes with an eye lash brush and adding eye liner with a paint brush
13. Color Swatches (13:18) How to use the color swatches provided for the course
14. Adjusting Skin Tones (10:35) Using the color swatches provided to retouch skin tones
15. Retouching Skin (06:36) Getting ready of the bumps and blemishes on a portrait
16. Skin Blurring (15:29) Softening the skin with the surface blur filter
17. Adding Blush (04:55) Applying blush to the face with a solid color adjustment layer
18. Facial Contouring (04:43) Using the dodge and burn tools with the protect tones option in Photoshop CS4
19. Full Lips (07:51) The same contouring techniques learned in the previous lesson can be applied to the lips
20. Whitening Teeth (05:22) Using a hue/saturation adjustment layer to whiten the teeth
21. Digital Tattoos (08:07) Creating an eye tattoo like the one featured on the cover of PhotoshopUser magazine
22. Conclusion (01:56) A reminder to use the tool provided with this course to retouch your images.

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