Keith Wellman’s Easy Sales Formula

Keith Wellman

Keith Wellman’s Easy Sales Formula
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Ever think of making money online using video uploaded to Youtube, Yahoo Video or Metacafe? No? Then you are reading the most valuable information online about video marketing online. Video skinning is a technique where you use video to replace the long sales letter.
Though video marketing sound simple, but there are secrets you need to master to make your video sell. The traditional long sales letter technique is tested that it can only generate 1 sales with 100 clicks and with video marketing technique, he manage to generate 12 sales with the same amount of traffic. That is 1200% increase in conversion.
But lots of people pull themselves off when they heard about the idea of video marketing. They thought they have to be in front of the camera and must have professional voice.

With video you can:
1. Connect and build rapport with your prospects faster than a New York Minute, so you build the trust necessary to make them lifelong customers
2. Get people taking a super-easy initial step toward making that all important first sale – just by having them click PLAY
3. Create products that have two to three times the perceived value
4. Have a realistic chance to show up on the first page of Google, and get hordes of FREE traffic
5. Get your marketing “unstuck”, and breakthrough to the money-zone
And that’s just the start. Using video, you’ll expand your reach and get your message out to the global market. It’s no wonder all the top marketers are using it… because video gets results.
Video marketing has never been easier or cheaper to deliver online. And now,with this strategy, it’s never been easier or cheaper to get your gear, get your training, and get to producing income!You’ll be promoting your own profit-pulling videos FASTER than you would have thought possible. And when you use our secret psychological “tricks”,your videos will be BETTER than 99% of the videos that other businesses are putting out there.
Be a visionary for your business, and invest a TOKEN amount into it’s future. There’s no possible way you will regret implementing video into your marketing strategies. Time WILL tell, and video WILL win. Video skinning strategy is perfect for beginners through advanced marketers, and it provides the complete solution for any niche.

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