Jonathan Royle – Advanced NLP Hypnosis

Jonathan Royle – Advanced NLP Hypnosis

Jonathan Royle – Advanced NLP Hypnosis


Most astonishing were the mind blowing SECRET’S he was prepared to both demonstrate and reveal to those present who were to say the least dumfounded and flabbergasted at many of the things they learned and witnessed during this unique weekend event.

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Fortunately,the entire seminar was filmed on professional broadcast quality camera’s and is now being released on a Strictly Limited Edition Basis as a Mind Blowing Ten DVD Home Study Course containing powerful secrets, ploys and techniques quite unlike anything you will have ever seen, read or learned before!

The contents on this Ten DVD Advanced Training Course are totally unique and different from anything Royle has ever released before, in fact you’ll be amazed as you watch, witness and learn in the comfort of your own home the true, tried, tested and proven to work Advanced Esoteric Secret’s of the Master Hypnotists, including many which have been jealously guarded and hidden, until now by the select few… Discover The Secret’s of The Ultimate Hand Shake INSTANT INDUCTION. Witness Royle gently shake a persons hand and then let go of their hand as the person falls to the floor like a sack of spuds and instantly enters a Deep Sonabulistic Trance State! YOU’LL NEVER LEARN AN INDUCTION THIS FAST ANYWHERE ELSE!

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