Jonathan Parker – The Pathways to Mastership: In Search of Enlightenment 12 CD Set [71 MP3s]

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Jonathan Parker – The Pathways to Mastership: In Search of Enlightenment 12 CD Set [71 MP3s]

Jonathan Parker – The Pathways to Mastership: In Search of Enlightenment 12 CD Set [71 MP3s]

COST: $98.95
Author: Jonathan Parker
Size: 966 Mb
We all have someone that we like to listen to more than others. I started listening to Johnathan Parker in 1986, and have always found a lot of truth and inspiration in his audio collections… I started with: BUILD A WINNING SELF IMAGE & THE PROSPERITY SOLUTION [38 cassettes in all], and have found one of them online in acceptable download quality [BUILD A WINNING SELF IMAGE] – I will upload it if anyone is interested. I am not at all happy with the quality or sound of THE PROSPERITY SOLUTION -but- if my tape sets are not ‘audio faded’, I may redo them in a quality that I’ll be happy to have [which means – many of you will be too

Pathways to Mastership provides unparalleled inspiration and an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your spiritual quest and the world around you. You will discover the interlocking truths between ancient philosophies, the great religions, and modern scientific study. Jonathan Parker has masterfully compacted enlightening transpersonal teachings into 13 hours of personalized instruction and 33 mind-expanding guided meditations enabling you to directly experience fundamental truths as no written material could ever do. If you are serious about your physical, mental, and spiritual development, this life-changing course is a must for you.

You will learn more about…

Freeing Your True Self
Beautiful deep states of relaxation and meditation
Releasing restricting mental blocks of sin, fear & guilt
Eliminating bad luck and accidents
Practicing powerful healing methods used by great spiritual healers
Aura cleansing
Increasing your receptivity to miracles and further enlightenment
Developing telepathy, prophecy, mind-projection, and channeling
Powerful secrets to financial success and wealth
Dissolving negative, self-defeating financial limitations and blocks
Releasing new creativity and success forces
Dispelling negative energies around you and creating a light shield of protection
How you can rise to a life of mastery with incredible love, peace, & power
Learn about initiations used by ancient mystery schools
How to live above all negative emotions
How you can have direct contact with God as did great spiritual teachers
Meditations to unite you with Universal Harmony and love
How to live each moment of every day exemplifying full mastery
Meetings with true masters through remarkable meditative techniques
Enter the highest path to God realization

In this unique program, you will explore the very essence of who you are and where you are going. You will rise to new levels of love, tranquility, and empowerment, and your life will radiate truth, joy and peace to all! Pathways to Mastership


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