Jonathan Altfeld – Creating the Automatic Yes

Jonathan Altfeld – Creating the Automatic Yes

Jonathan Altfeld – Creating the Automatic Yes

Name Product: Jonathan Altfeld – Creating the Automatic Yes – The Art and Science of Emotional State-Chaining

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Automatic Yes NLP Audio Program for Emotional State Chaining Influence

Attention: NLP’ers, Hypnotists, Attorneys, Salespeople, Coaches, Counselors, Psychologists & Therapists… as well as ANYONE who needs greater personal clarity, and effectiveness with others…

FINALLY here’s a way to Become More Charismatic and Persuasive… NOT by being pushy OR tricky, BUT, by Becoming More Emotionally Intelligent.

Dear friend,

I’ve been teaching people skills for greater emotional awareness, intelligence, and influence — for years — in my Linguistic Wizardry (LW) and Holographic Communication (HC) courses. Over time, I developed nuances, distinctions, short-cuts and insights, that students began to comment on.

Yet, I’d always trained that material only in person, not on CDs. Over those years, not only have my LW & HC students asked for “refresher home-study material” on what they’d learned from me, but also, while teaching other courses, I began to notice by observing my students who’d taken other trainings before coming to my courses, that most other NLP courses weren’t training these skills — including most Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses!

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