Jon Benson – 3X VSL Video Formula

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[b]Jon Benson – 3X VSL Video Formula[/b]

A TOTALLY COMPLETE course from the very best of the best
conversion crushing video sales letter creator, Jon Benson.

Just have a look at what you’ll take home today…

The most “ruthless yet ethical” way to pitch your product or service in a way that will open the door to any prospect in any physical, mental, or financial state…just PICTURE IN YOUR MIND what this ONE TACTIC will do for your sales!
The covert tactic of The Hero Study, and how it all but nullifies traditional “testimonial” copy, increase conversions by up to 75% alone!
The vital concept of easy versus simple…and how this one simple, 3-minute-long lesson will change the way you position your pitch and your product FOREVER!
How to qualify your prospects, so you only land the customers who LOVE you, PAY you, and RAVE about you!
The super-samurai tactic of Emphasize X…so under-the-radar, you’ll just have to get the Course for yourself to experience the increased sales it can generate for you!
The art of the Price Tease and the Faux Price—and the reason your PRICE may be WAY OFF (and exactly what to do to correct it, earn more, and spend less on your traffic!)
Empowering the desire to by with the use of benefit-driven feature studies!
The secret of The Reason Why…something virtually NO marketer is doing, yet EVERY marketer should be doing, when it comes to increasing the desire to buy through ethical scarcity!
The 3X Triple Guarantee…and why it’s NOT what you think! (Hint: It costs you absolutely nothing extra, yet increases conversions by up to 28%!)
Exactly when and where to put your testimonials—and chances are 95% that it’s not where you think!
The sales-cranking power of the Super-Bonus…exactly where to put it, and how to position it…and how to create it without ANY additional work on your part! This alone can DOUBLE your conversions!
How to make your checkout process frictionless…well before your prospect even gets to your checkout page! This will reduce shopping cart abandonment rates by up to 35%!
How to inspire immediate action to buy…and why this is really what you prospect REALLY WANTS!

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