John P Morgan & Kalpna Manek – The Magnetic Man: Authentic Approach

John P Morgan & Kalpna Manek - The Magnetic Man: Authentic Approach

John P Morgan & Kalpna Manek – The Magnetic Man: Authentic Approach

Authentic Approach Online Training

A message from The Magnetic Man mentor Kalpna Manek:

How great would it be if you could really express your desire for a woman and instead of her being annoyed or even repelled by you, she smiled and blushed prettily instead?

You know deep inside that communication and connection with a woman shouldn’t be about you trying to impress her, or to convince her to talk to you or even take an interest.

You know that communication should be open, you should be able to talk and flirt with a woman, and make her light up inside, and warm to you.

She should be able to smile and laugh at some comment you made, just naturally and not because you were trying really hard to make her laugh.

You know connection should be about her seeing the real man in you, the confident man who has got it all together.

You shouldn’t be coming across as a nervous, embarrassed man who really needs her attention and validation, to make him feel good about himself.

Interactions between a man and a woman should be real.

You know deep inside that they can be free, open and feel good for the both of you; not something contrived, or manipulative.

You shouldn’t have to play games.

So why isn’t it good right now?

I can pretty much guarantee that most of the time you are so hyper-focused on yourself, your fears and what you want from a woman that you literally ‘overpower’ her energetically and it repels her.

(Basically she can feel what you are feeling and it doesn’t feel good.)

Women do not enjoy men starting a conversation with them in a way that they think is creepy.

They do not enjoy being made to feel that a man needs something from them.

It makes women feel incredibly uncomfortable and they become eager to end the conversation.

Basically when you are being needy, you push her away.

The thing is, a lot of the time, you may not even realise that you are ‘being needy’.

It’s just so easy to slip into this state.

In fact, we do it all the time, especially when we want someone to like us, like in business or at work.

You don’t normally notice when you are doing it, because it doesn’t always cause such problems.

Until your interact this way with a woman you desire that is.

To her, you come across as really weak and this is a huge turn-off.

You see, the mistake that a guy most commonly makes is believing ‘making an impression’ means that he has to convince a woman that he is a great guy before she will give him her number.

In our Authentic Approach Online Training we show you how to attract women in a way that is both powerful and masculine.

We go into real depth on this topic and we will show you how to make a great impression authentically.

NOT in a way that is manipulative and disrespectful.

All of the teachings in this program come from a place of real integrity, compassion and contribution.

You will complete the training feeling good and knowing that you are now free from the constraints of trying to make a woman attracted to you.

In fact you will instead be able to show your interest and attraction for her in a way that feels good for both of you, which can leave a powerful impression on her, making her feel attractive and desired and wanting to be in your company.

We do not teach manipulative techniques nor will you have to learn any stupid lines.

The Authentic Approach Online Training is for men who want to be inspired, empowered and free, who want to interact in a way with women that is truly respectful, totally pleasurable and super attractive.

This intensive FIVE HOUR TRAINING PROGRAM is divided into 41 short and easy to understand sections, on how to meet, attract and connect with beautiful and intelligent women in ways that are completely devoid of the creep-factor, weird-techniques and hard to remember systems.

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