Jody Madron – Masters Guide To Supplement Marketing + Bonus Forms

Jody Madron - Masters Guide To Supplement Marketing + Bonus Forms

Jody Madron - Masters Guide To Supplement Marketing  + Bonus Forms

Jody Madron – Masters Guide To Supplement Marketing  + Bonus Forms

We’ve taken the direct marketing world’s most powerful “secrets” and assembled them for you in a format that allows you to apply them time and time again!

Client X Used these Techniques to Make $1,253,250 in Profits from
A Single Marketing Campaign…
Client Y Employed Two of these Secrets to Turn a Modest,
Five-Figure Investment into a Business that Generates Over $500,000 Annually

Will You Be Next?

Dear Friend,

This could be the smartest “hire” you’ve ever made.

It’s possible for you – as early as today – to “hire” an eight-person marketing team with more than 150 years of combined direct marketing experience.

More importantly…

This powerful team can help you turn a minimal investment into a dominant position in the $110 billion global nutritional supplement market.
They’ve helped business owners just like you grow from $90,000 to more than
$7.4 million in annual sales in only three years.
They’re ready to begin helping you immediately – you can get started as soon as today!
You don’t need to worry about paying the salaries their experience would command – or any outrageous five-figure consulting fees. In fact…you don’t even need to find them a desk.
And here’s the best news of all: You can use the same breakthrough marketing techniques – that these experts have used to generate millions of dollars – to begin making your very own fortune in nutritional supplements.

Introducing… The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing.

This complete Master’s Guide is your Multi-Million-Dollar Marketing Department in a box.

The Master’s Guide will teach you the precise – and easy-to-implement – marketing strategies used by some of the world’s most successful direct marketers.

Our group of Direct Marketing Masters has used these techniques and strategies for nearly two decades to generate tens of millions of dollars for their supplement clients.

Some of the world’s most successful publicly traded companies – and a handful of companies with ridiculously high profit margins – pay our Direct Marketing Masters large sums of money to handle their marketing campaigns.

Now here’s what’s great: You can have access to all of this information – the very same “secrets” used to generate millions annually – and you can have it immediately.

This is a direct marketing education that would take years to obtain – and for just a fraction of what it would cost to attend a one-day marketing seminar.

Far, far less.
What the Master’s Guide to
Supplement Marketing is NOT

Now you may have read about programs designed to help you learn how a handful of new marketing “secrets” over the course of a weekend.

In many cases, these are nothing more than over-priced weekend seminars held in a sterile hotel conference center. And when the weekend is over, you’re left with nothing but a handful of solicitations to buy more of the “experts’” products or services.

That’s not the case here.

The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing is NOT a weekend seminar where you walk out the door and that’s the end of it.

Instead, when you claim your Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing, you get complete access to more than a dozen information-packed reports…each of which was assembled with one goal in mind:

Start growing your supplement business – today – quickly and easily with the power of direct marketing.

You’ll not only get 15 powerful reports…you’ll also get all the tools you need to get started right away.

I’m talking about templates, project checklists and master spreadsheets – each of which is used regularly by the world’s foremost direct marketing experts.

And speaking of those experts – you’ll also have access to our entire faculty of Direct Marketing Masters.

At the end of this letter, I’ll tell you how you can reserve your space – at no additional cost – on a live telephone consultation with two of the Direct Marketing Masters. You’ll hear directly from the experts what’s working – and what isn’t – in today’s marketplace…and you’ll have the chance to get your most pressing marketing questions answered by the Masters.
How to Get Started Right Away

Let’s get started.

Right now is the time for you to grow your business by putting the power of direct marketing to work for you.

The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing gives you everything you need to launch a carefully-constructed direct marketing campaign – and have a new revenue stream up and running in just a matter of weeks.

Direct marketing is the most efficient form of marketing in the world for one simple reason: You can measure your success – often in great detail.

Knowing exactly what return you’re getting for each marketing dollar spent allows you to build an efficient marketing “machine” that will help your business grow exponentially.
“…Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two –
and only two – functions…Marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation
produce results, all the rest are costs…”

– Peter Drucker

But that’s really just the beginning. The fact of the matter is…direct marketing gives you several powerful advantages that you can use to help substantially grow your business…starting today!
Put These Powerful Advantages of
Direct Marketing to Work for YOU

Reach a Broader Market – Expand your customer base far beyond your local retail store – even globally! Because direct marketing allows you to track your expenses and return-on-investment dollar-for-dollar, your rate of growth is entirely up to you!

Build a Valuable Asset – Not only will your list of direct marketing consumers become like gold to you for repeat orders…you’ll also find that other direct marketers are willing to pay a premium for the opportunity to market to your list. And, again…how much – or how little – you rent your customer list is entirely YOUR decision.

You’ll Enjoy the Benefits of Repeat Business – A staggering number of nutritional supplement buyers reached via direct marketing are repeat purchasers – and they are highly likely to purchase other products introduced to them. Direct marketing gives you “direct access” to your best customers – so you can profit from their repeat business and build loyalty with the customer.

It’s Highly Cost Effective – With direct marketing, you control the amount you’re willing to spend per acquisition…which means you can keep costs low. Plus…the acquisitions costs with direct marketing are typically lower than other marketing vehicles, and you can…

Target Your Prospective Customers – With direct marketing, you can identify and communicate with a well-defined target market. You’ll enjoy a much greater level of success – and higher conversions – than you would with communicating to the mass market. Plus, direct marketing costs far less than mass-market advertising!

Now – in spite of these powerful advantages – you may have been reluctant to launch a direct marketing program before…perhaps for a variety of reasons.

Let’s examine two of those…
The Two Biggest Myths about Direct Marketing
for the Nutritional Supplement Market

1. Direct marketing is “too expensive” – It’s true that printing and postage costs for direct mail campaigns have risen in recent years. But even with those increases, direct marketing is still relatively inexpensive because it allows you to target your audience with great efficiency. Plus – you don’t need to hire an expensive marketing staff to run your direct marketing campaigns…you’ll have the knowledge you need within the pages of The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing.

2. I’ll be viewed as a “junk mailer” – Many people still have the negative image of “junk mail” associated with direct marketing…but nothing could be further from the truth. By using carefully-targeted customer lists – and making direct sales offers – direct marketers communicate one-on-one with only those customers who are likely to have an interest in the product offered.

But listen…I could go on and on about just how much direct marketing can help your business – and how some of the decades-old “myths” about direct marketing are pure hogwash.

Instead of doing that…I’d rather SHOW you how well some of our “Master’s Clients” have already done by using the time-tested techniques you’ll learn in The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing…

Take Master’s Client X for example – they applied one of the most powerful lessons you’ll find in The Master’s Guide…and that was the catalyst for helping the company grow to more than $7.4 million in annual sales.
Or Master’s Client Y – they partnered with one of our Direct Marketing Masters in 2007…six months later they had generated more than $1.06 million in “found” revenue!
And finally – what about Master’s Client Z – they’ve gone from a small, $100,000-per-year business to more than $350 million in annual sales – and it’s all thanks to their Mastery of Direct Marketing.

Here’s how You Can Have that
Same Kind of Multi-Million-Dollar Success –
for Far Less of an Investment Than You Think!

The material we’ve assembled in The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing will give you everything you need in order to launch your own direct marketing revenue stream within just a few weeks.

And what’s more – unlike other marketing kits you’ll see advertised via the Internet, this is not merely a collection of generic articles and white papers.

Instead, The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing gives you a complete library – with over a dozen reports – of information compiled by some of the nutritional supplement world’s foremost marketers.

The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing will give you…

A comprehensive guide to selling supplements via direct marketing – All the lessons our Masters have learned – over more than 150 years of combined experience – are here for you to learn in just a matter of minutes.
The fundamentals of direct marketing explained in plain English – A handful of companies have taken the “direct marketing fundamentals” as explained in this course and used it as the basis for their new employee training. You’ll get it at no extra charge as part of The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing.
A how-to guide for getting started with internet marketing – Learn how you can use internet marketing to grow your supplement business at very minimal cost…and very low risk!
Everything you need to know to set up operations and fulfillment of your direct marketing orders – it’s easier than you might think…and with your order, you’ll get access to an elite group of operations professionals ready to help you immediately!
A must-have “checklist” for reviewing your sales and marketing copy – Get the maximum value from your marketing dollar by making sure your advertising copy is as strong as possible. This checklist includes many of the fundamentals used every day by some of the world’s most successful marketers.
Plus — How to select the right lists for your marketing campaign…how to handle customer service…and how to expand your business internationally.

Now here’s the best part: In addition to everything you’ll learn as part of The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing, you’ll also…
Get All the Tools You Need
to Start Immediately!

You’ll get the very same spreadsheets, templates and “to-do” lists used by the Masters themselves.

That’s what’s so special about The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing – unlike a book, tele-seminar or weekend retreat, you don’t just hear from the experts…you also get access to the very same tools they use every day.

And on top of that – you’ll get a report dedicated exclusively to showing you real-world examples of companies putting these marketing techniques and strategies to work successfully.

You won’t just read about how it’s supposed to work…you’ll get the real-world experiences of some of the world’s most successful nutritional supplement marketers.

Now before I tell you how you can get The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing, let me tell you just a bit about…
The Unparalleled Group of Experts
Behind The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing
Jody Madron – Copywriting and Business Building Master

Jody Madron has a proven track record of success in several industries, including nutritional supplements…financial newsletters…investor awareness…and much more. With nearly two decades’ worth of breakthrough marketing experience, Jody has created more than 100 successful marketing campaigns and written promotions totaling more than $47 million in sales for his clients.
Stacy Berver – Direct Marketing and Business Building Master

With 17 years of direct marketing experience, the first 14 of which were spent as an international newsletter and book publisher, Stacy is exceptionally well versed at direct marketing strategy. During her career Stacy has launched dozens of new business ventures, working across numerous direct marketing verticals including a newsletter publisher, multiple book publishers, a commodities trading course and numerous nutritional supplement companies.
Jon Allen – Internet Marketing Master

With over 10 years experience in Internet Marketing, Jon Allen has provided over 100 clients with Internet Marketing campaigns, consulting, and solutions that have generated tens of millions of dollars of sales.

He combines 20 years of classical marketing experience with the latest best practices in Internet Marketing to generate the best results: more exposure in the marketplace, more web site traffic and inquires, and higher conversions for measurable leads and sales.
Kenny Salzman – Supplement Marketing Master

With more than 15 years of experience working with some of the biggest names in the direct marketing industry, Kenny Salzman is one of the world’s most sought-after direct marketing experts.

Having helped launch two nutritional supplement companies from scratch – along with business opportunity programs, financial newsletters and trading services – Kenny’s ability to help companies get a marketing “jump start” has been proven time and time again.
Grace Epperson – Direct Marketing Master

With over ten years of experience, Grace’s clients trust her to manage their programs, effectively spending their direct marketing dollars for them. Grace is a renowned execution expert with the knowledge and instinct to put a direct program together from start to finish including both marketing and the all important operations.

Responsible for tens of millions of dollars in marketing spend annually, Grace turns that investment into profitability as a regular occurrence. She is blessed with an incredible knack for details and is likely the most organized and efficient direct marketer in the industry.
Larry Dechter – Printing and Mailing Master

With an annual sales volume of more than $20 million per year, Larry is one of the nation’s foremost experts in the production and execution of direct mail print campaigns. His commitment to total customer satisfaction – and his proven ability to help customers maximize printing and postage savings – has helped him build one of the industry’s largest client lists.

Larry’s 26-plus years of experience – and sharp eye for detail – can help you achieve success with your next direct marketing campaign…and save money in the process.
Daryl Berver – Marketing Operations Master

There is no industry expert better versed in how to set up direct marketing operations than Daryl Berver. With over twenty years of experience, Daryl knows how to make it all work together.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer at Agora Inc., Daryl is responsible for a multitude of areas including customer service, data entry, web operations, information technology, database operations, fulfillment, marketing analytics and retention marketing. Coupled with his ten years’ experience running successful direct marketing programs for Agora’s affiliates, Daryl’s operations knowledge and understanding is unparalleled within the industry.
Denise Clancey – Telephone Sales Master

With more than twenty years as an industry insider, Denise Clancey of Teledirect Partners has spent her career launching, rejuvenating and reengineering telephone sales, call center and customer service operations for a multitude of companies.

With Denise’s assistance, clients can expand their existing telephone operations to support a direct marketing program or can easily embark upon setting up a new operation from scratch.

Here’s what You’ll Get When
You Join the Marketing Masters

OK…so let’s get down to brass tacks.

Let me show you exactly what you’ll get when you “hire” the Masters of Nutritional Supplement Marketing.

Simply put, The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing gives you detailed, step-by-step instructions for each piece of the direct marketing process…

And each set of instructions was written by one of the industry’s foremost experts!

Let me show you what I mean…

Order Now

Report #1 – 9 Things You Must Know about Selling Supplements via Direct Marketing – Before you spend your first dime, this report will give you the advantage of more than 150 years of experience. You’ll learn what pitfalls to avoid…what “secrets” you can easily take advantage of…and how to maximize every single marketing dollar you invest.

Report #2 – Getting Started with Direct Marketing – Large direct marketing firms have paid thousands of dollars to give their employees access to the material in this report. You’ll learn everything you need to know about direct marketing – and how to apply its powerful advantages to your business.

Report #3 – Getting Started with Internet Marketing for Your Health Product – The Internet provides extremely cost-effective, flexible, dynamic, and engaging options for reaching your customers. This report will show you how to grow your supplement business quickly with a comprehensive — yet easy-to-implement — internet marketing strategy.

Report #4 – Copywriting “Secrets” for all Supplement Marketers – Competition in the nutritional supplement industry is fierce – that’s why it’s absolutely critical that your direct response copy stands out from the crowd. This report will tap into more than 20 years’ worth of breakthrough marketing experience to reveal the essential “secrets” that are critical to the success of your advertising.

Report #5 – An A to Z Guide to Setting up Direct Marketing Operations– A smooth-running operations and fulfillment department will go a long way in determining just how successful your direct marketing efforts will be over time. Find out in this report how some of the industry’s largest companies handle operations – and learn just how easy it can be for you as well!

Report #6 – How List Selection Can Make Your Campaign a Blockbuster Success – Having a good product and a strong sales message are important keys to direct marketing success…but an often-overlooked factor is the quality of customer your message is reaching. Find out in this report what to look for when selecting lists for your campaign – straight from the experts!

Report #7 – Launch Your Own Product – in Just Three Weeks – via Private Labeling – It’s true – you can be up and running with an entirely new product line in just a matter of weeks thanks to the ease and simplicity of private labeling. This report will walk you through the easy-to-follow steps you can take to launch your own new product line in short order!

Report #8 – Know Before You Go: Nine Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting Up Customer Service – Providing a solid customer service experience is key to the success of any direct marketing campaign – especially in the nutritional supplement industry – but you shouldn’t think of customer service as merely an expense. That’s because this report will show you how to take your customer service expense and make it not only financially self-sustaining…but also one of your company’s most substantial profit centers.

Report #9 – Expand with Ease: Six Simple Solutions for Getting a Global Test Underway– Global expansion can be a low-risk method of leveraging your existing product line and marketing platforms. This report will show you – using six simple solutions for testing the international waters with little risk…and enormous potential upside!

Report #10 – Your Complete Seven-Point Inspection Checklist – No matter whether you’re an experienced direct marketer or a complete novice, the task of reviewing sales copy can seem overwhelming at first glance. But no more! This report will serve as your indispensable tool for making sure that your new sales copy is as strong as possible.

Report #11 – Case Studies: Real-World Examples where these Strategies Have Made Millions for Clients – This report will show you how the Direct Marketing Masters have applied their experience and expertise to help make tens of millions of dollars for their clients. You’ll see how companies of all sizes have benefited from the techniques in this Master’s Guide – and you’ll no doubt come away with ideas you’ll want to use for your own business right away!

Report #12 – Six Easy Steps to Printing and Mailing Success with Your New Direct Mail Campaign – Make sure your direct mail campaign gets off the ground with the help of Larry Dechter, the Printing and Mailing Master with more than $20 million in annual sales…and more than 26 years of industry experience. Larry will show you the six easy steps to getting your ad printed – and mailed – without spending a fortune!

Report #13 – Integrating Inbound Sales with Your Marketing Program –Take full advantage of the revenue-generating power of your inbound sales team…all by following 8 simple steps. Our experienced Telephone Sales Master – Denise Clancey – will help you make sure your inbound sales and service teams will be ready to respond and then some when your marketing program is launched!

Report #14 – Building Brand Loyalty – and Increasing Retention – for Added Profits – You’ve already made the decision to invest in customer acquisition…so now be sure to take full advantage of that investment by building brand loyalty and keeping the customers you’ve worked so hard to earn. Learn directly from the Masters how to build a profitable retention program and grow your business with a strong back-end!

Report #15 – Email Marketing to Your List – A Goldmine Waiting to Be Uncovered – This report will show you how one client’s email list grew from zero to over half a million names in just five years…to the tune of millions of dollars in revenue each year! Steady and strategic growth of your email file size is absolutely critical to making this happen – and you’ll find out how our clients have done just that in this report.

PLUS – In our forms and templates library you’ll get more than a dozen templates…to-do lists… and ready-to-use spreadsheets – all of which were designed and are continually used by the Masters of Supplement Marketing.

How to Claim Your Copy of
The Master’s Guide to
Supplement Marketing Right Now

Let me be perfectly clear:

There is no more comprehensive – yet easy-to-use – direct marketing “education product” available anywhere on the market.

The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing is more complete…offers more ready-to-use tools…and was assembled by a more talented, experienced group of experts…than any other product available today.

Which brings me to the issue of price…

Now I’d like you to ask yourself one simple question:

How much would it be worth to you to have a nutritional supplement marketing machine firing on all cylinders for you?

The answer is easy: It could be worth hundreds of thousands – and potentially millions – of dollars to you over the next year.

Many business owners and marketers routinely pay thousands of dollars for the opportunity to sit in a hotel conference center for a few hours and furiously scribble notes – hoping to catch it all – while a group of assembled flash-in-the-pan “experts” takes the stage.

But I’ll tell you…the experienced direct marketers we’ve assembled in this comprehensive package have never before appeared on the same stage.

Instead – we’ve taken the direct marketing world’s most powerful “secrets” and assembled them for you in a format that allows you to apply them time and time again.

Simply put…The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing is your comprehensive direct marketing education. It’s more than 150 years of breakthrough marketing experience stuffed into a box – and ready for you to tap into at any time.

So again…

What would the opportunity to work alongside the industry’s most successful veterans be worth?

We’ve all seen marketing seminars that sell for $10,000 or more for a single weekend – and I know of high-priced consultants who charge as much as $5,000 per hour…if you can get in touch with them at all.

And I have to tell you…the materials assembled in this kit are worth far more than any weekend seminar or high-priced consultant.

Yet…we’re not asking $5,000 for The Master’s Guide.

Not even close.

If you order right now – and this could change at any moment – you can get The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing for the astoundingly low price of just $497.

Listen…it would cost you upwards of $30,000 just to hire an inexperienced marketing assistant and set them up in your office.

The Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing gives you all the tools you need to become your own highly efficient marketing department – at less than one percent of what it would cost you to hire an entry-level marketer.

Best of all – the moment you order, you’ll have immediate access to all of the materials in The Master’s Guide. No waiting…no making flight or hotel reservations…and – most importantly – NO gimmicks.

You’ll get everything you need to tap into a lucrative revenue stream…as quickly as you’d like.

So I urge you – before we come to our senses and raise the price of The Master’s Guide dramatically.

You’re just one click away from hiring a “Hall-of-Fame” level marketing department…for just pennies on the dollar!


Jody Madron
Copywriting and Business Building Master,
Marketing With the Masters

P.S. Order now and you’ll also get direct access to the Masters! Your Master’s Guide to Supplement Marketing will come with instructions for accessing an exclusive conference call with two of the Direct Marketing Masters within the next 60 days. You’ll hear directly from the experts what’s working in the marketplace today – and you’ll have a chance to get all of your questions answered…straight from the experts themselves!

Volumes Included:

Vol 1 – 9 Things You Must Know When Selling Supplements Via Direct Marketing
Vol 2 – Getting Started With Direct Marketing
Vol 3 – Getting Started With Internet Marketing
Vol 4 – Copywriting “Secrets” For All Supplement Marketers
Vol 5 – How List Selection Can Make Your Campaign A Blockbuster Success
Vol 6 – Email Marketing To Your List: A Goldmine Waiting To Be Uncovered
Vol 7 – Integrating Inbound Sales and Service With Your Marketing Programs
Vol 8 – Launch Your Own Product In Just Three Weeks Via Private Labeling
Vol 9 – An A To Z Guide To Setting Up Direct Marketing Operations
Vol 10 – Building Brand Loyalty and Increasing Retention
Vol 11 – Six Easy Steps To Printing and Mailing Success
Vol 12 – Know Before You Go – 9 Questions To Ask Yourself When Setting Up Customer Service
Vol 13 – Your Complete Seven-Point Copy Inspection “Checklist”
Vol 14 – Expand With Ease – 6 Simple Solutions For Getting A Global Test Underway
Vol 15 – Case Studies: Real-World Examples Where These Strategies Have Made Millions For clients

Bonus Templates and Spreadsheets:

Call Monitoring Sample.xls
Copywriting Brainstorming Questionaire.doc
Copywriting Checklist.xls
Customer Value Worksheet.xls
Direct Mail Cost Tracking Template.xls
Direct Mailing Checklist.xls
Email Marketing Schedule Report Template.xls
Mail Plan Example.xls
Marketing Brief document.doc
Online Marketing Plan Template.xls
Sample Marketing Report.xls
Sample Print Bid Blank.xls
Stakeholder Status and Communication Priority Tracking Sheet.xls
Telemarketing Project Team Tracking document.xls

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