Jim Cockrum – CES 3 Louisville Event 2015 Recordings


Jim Cockrum - CES 3 Louisville Event 2015 Recordings

Jim Cockrum – CES 3 Louisville Event 2015 Recordings

What Was The CES Event About?

  • General purpose: We went in depth into the three online biz models that I teach with experts and successful students teaching on each topic.
  • Professionally Recorded & Edited Videos of CES III: We put more resources into the video crew and equipment this year than ever before! Watch some of the sample videos on this page to get a feel for the quality of the recordings.
  • Bonus For All Video Buyers: CES I & CES II videos delivered instantly.
  • Where/When: Louisville, KY Sept. 2015

SOME of our topics included:

  • Growing your Amazon, eBay or online selling business while automating all aspects.
  • How to find numerous, highly sought after, under served niche opportunities on Amazon (never taught on stage before ANYWHERE).
  • Numerous profitable product sourcing strategies including how to source products locally, online, at trade shows, direct from manufacturers, and overseas.
  • Launching your own private label products using the simplest possible strategies.
  • Using Email marketing, Social media, video and creative content strategies to grow your business, expand your audience or get more clients.
  • Duplicating Jim’s approach to online success by launching multiple income streams.
  • Meet many of my favorite experts, successful students and partners at an event unlike any other you’ve ever attended (I PROMISE)!
  • Discussion about very real risk of losing your Amazon account at no fault of your own and exactly what your options are and how to protect yourself.

Price: $397
You Just Pay: $57
Sale Page: http://jimcockrumevents.com/

Get this course at here: http://tutspecialoffer.com/product/jim-cockrum-ces-3-louisville-event-2015-recordings/

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