Jazz Up Your Life with Judy fall/winter

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Jazz Up Your Life with Judy fall/winter

Jazz Up Your Life with Judy fall/winter

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Jazz Up Your Life with Judy
hosted by Judy Anderson

Awakening – Transformation – Healing – Love – Joy – Abundance – Total Well-Being

Step into a Life YOU Love! Join us for a Free Teleseminar featuring outstanding

Energy Healers, Transformational Experts and Self-improvement Specialists!

Do YOU want to experience . . .
• a Life of Abundance with grace and ease?
• a body that vibrates so high that dis-ease has to find another home?
• finally knowing your soul’s purpose?
• being happy and joyous?

Are you ready for these Dynamic and Inspiring Speakers, Healers and Masters to:
• empower YOU to manifest the Life of Your Dreams?
• acknowledge yourself for being a Beautiful, Magnificent Being?
• share with you their Life-Changing Processes and Meditations that will raise Your Vibration and draw to you more Health,
Wealth and Happiness?

Join thousands of others who have experienced wonderful shifts in their lives!

Energetic Awakening
“Ten minutes before each conversation, I gently lead you into your heart space in oneness to awaken yo to Beautiful, Magnicent YOU! I want to inspire you to know that anything is possible… just follow your heart! Fromathe place of heart-centered love, you can experience the breakthroughs that your heart ttuly desires. This group energy creates a power vortex of Love, Peace, Harmony, Healing and Transformation for You and the World.” ~ Judy Anderson

Meet Our Summit Speakers

The Three Arrows of Power – Ancient Wisdom for Conscious Manifestation
Chief Robert and Terri TallTree
Are you lacking clarity in your life’s purpose? Are you ready to expand your spiritual intelligence?
During this Life-Changing Conversation YOU will:
• Learn the 7 Sacred Principles of Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation
• Discover the Medicine Wheel (as a diagnostic tool and compass for personal growth)
• Learn The “Three Arrows of Power” – how ALL manifestation begins
• Discover simple, Universal principles to naturally balance your mind, body and your spirit
• Learn 3 “C’s” to Living on Purpose
• See how to unlock the vault to all your riches

Healing in the Aquarian Age
Christopher Tims
Christopher shared with us a potent blessing….listen and let it move your soul as it did mine! During this conversation, Christopher talked about how his healing modalities affect DNA. What role does the body…your body….play in raising your consciousness, in bringing you more into a state of Oneness? Learn about the Divine Template..what is it? What should you do with your “sack of symptoms”?? What is healing in the Aquarian Age? Learn about the Eternal Teachings and how they came about. Christopher has such a deep understanding of ancient wisdom and shared with us how powerful we truly are. Christopher shared with us how he deals with the turbulent times we live in.

Commanding A Reality of Unlimited Abundance Now
Victor Da Ponte
On this inspiring talk you will …….
• receive Divine Downloads infused into Your subconscious mind-matrix
• activate Supreme Power and Authority over Your subconscious mind
• learn the most powerful words to command Supreme Abundance
• receive Divine Downloads for Blessings and Good Luck
• learn command through the I AM Presence for effortless attraction.

Magic is in YOUR Hands: Choose Your Probable Future with EFT
Aileen Nobles
What breakthroughs are possible if you can align with your Highest Probable Future? What can YOU imagine?
On this call you will:
• Learn how to find and release the root cause of your challenging issues.
• Easy techniques to de-stress and reframe.
• Disconnect from the morphic field of unwanted emotions
• Access your Highest Probable Future Self
• We Are all Perfect in our “seeming imperfection” find out Why!
• Access your Higher Self as you Love your “other self” into healing.

Illuminating Your Inner Brilliance
Eric Altman
Experience His Loving and Powerful Energy Transmissions! Are you tired of working so hard and nothing is happening in your spiritual journey? Does it seem like it’s just so much more effort than you thought it would be? And when will the struggle end? When will you finally “get it” and all will be well in your life? Our Wonderful Guest today, Eric Altman with show you a way that is much simpler and so very loving. And, YOU will LOVE Eric! I sure do! Humble, Loving, Caring and Funny!

The Truth about Awakening: It’s Not for the Mamsy Pamsy!
Deborah Ariel Pietsch
A powerful activation for clearing your field and activating your I AM presence!!!
Get Answers to these Profound Questions …
• How committed you are to waking up or staying on the fence / basically asleep?
• What does it really mean to “Wake up”?
• What are you willing to do or BE in order to awaken to your soul Re-Membrance
• What is an Activation?
• What is alchemy?
• Why are you stuck?
• Why is most of the planet stuck?
• What’s infiltration and why is Clearing Your Field the MOST important foundational tool and way of being when you
decide to wake up
• Why is the Pineal Gland so important?

How to Stop Striving and Start Thriving in the Global Jungle
Sarah-Jane Farrell
When you invite an interesting, intelligent person on the show who knows Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Bio-geometry, permaculture, Body Talk, Mindscape, numerology, access consciousness, EFT, Tellington Touch and Quantum Touch, Animal Talk, Psych K (energetic psychiatry),Facial Release and Structural Integration and so much more….yes, you get a very interesting talk. Since the days of the cave man, the landscape of the JUNGLE has changed so much…what is real danger and what is contrived? Is Fear holding YOU back? Our brains don’t know the difference between a real attack from a lion and an attack seen on the news. Learn some easy, pragmatic tools and processes that can literally rewire your neural pathways and take you out of the diseased state of flight-fight fast and effectively.

Multi-Generational Healing for Love
Tori Hartman
Tori’s practice of Multi-Generational Healing is truly fascinating! I am genuinely intrigued!
In this conversation with Tori, which promises to be fascinating, you will…
• Discover hidden agreements with your ancestors in order to create sustainable results in magnetizing, manifesting and
the Law of Attraction.
• Identify the challenges and the gifts of your family legacy, while learning how to look at your family tree in a spiritual way.
(Whose legacy are you trying to fulfill?)
• Use Multi-Generational Healing to clear ONE area of your life and experience the same shift in ALL areas of your life.
• Uncover family patterns that have stopped you until now in order to heal old wounds.

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