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Jay Kay Bak – Unselfish Marketer

Jay Kay Bak – Unselfish Marketer

Name Product: Jay Kay Bak – Unselfish Marketer
COST: $47/month
Author: Jay Kay Bak
Size: 4.8 GB
Website: http://unselfishmarketer.com/
I’m going to be very straightforward with you here today…this is a GREAT opportunity …and I don’t want you to miss out on it!

I know a lot of internet marketing “gurus”. I’ve worked with my fair share, and bought products from plenty of others. Truth is, a lot of them buy from me (they LOVE The Vault)!

Chances are you are on a few of their lists. You get regular emails about new “opportunities” and products to promote. It’s a big part of your online business, right?

Have you ever wondered “Hey, these guys sure do have a lot of products to promote…how do they produce so much?”

Are you ready for the secret?

Shhh…listen very closely…

They don’t…and you don’t have to. THE VAULT is the answer.
Unselfish Marketer Check What if, right now, you could dig into my pockets and use my money to buy the newest software, latest eBooks and articles, and up-to-the-minute tools to help you get started?

Unselfish Marketer Check What if YOU had some control over what is purchased and made available for you to use?

Unselfish Marketer Check What if this process repeated itself EVERY SECOND DAY…and for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, or far less than a night out to dinner…you had access to all the latest and greatest stuff to sell on the internet?

Unselfish Marketer Check What if you don’t even need your own website(s)! My staff will do all the tedious work for you!: For Hand Picked Products We Setup Sales Pages, Uploading, Tweaking and Adjusting to get it right, taking the orders, handling support issues, but still I will pay you 90% of all the sales you bring in? Yup, not 50%, 60% or 75%…but NINETY%!!! You read it right…(setup your own websites, payment processors, delivery methods etc. and of course you walk away with 100%)

Unselfish Marketer Check What if I’m willing to pay YOU more than half…simply for referring people to the Unselfish Marketer? I DO, and you will be able to make a substantial recurring monthly income off of referrals alone!

Unselfish Marketer Check What if being an Unselfish Marketer means that your monthly purchase power will exceed $5,000.00 – yes, FIVE thousand dollars once we close the doors!?!

Unselfish Marketer Check What if you had real EARNING POWER! Choosing from the best products and niches out there month after month, with the work finding it all done FOR YOU?

5 Good Reasons It’s A Bad Idea To Try And Self-Manage Affiliate Product Shopping

1. It’s Time Consuming –

How much time do you think you would have to invest to find 70-105 viable products to choose from…so that you can expand what you offer in the marketplace? Do you find yourself running short on time to create your own projects…or even personal time to enjoy your life, your family, your hobbies? Even if you are getting emails from product creators you trust, you have to spend time hunting for just the right product to sell…and they’re never in the same place!

2. Feedback –

It’s also very hard, once you’ve found and/or purchased a product, to figure out exactly how and where to sell it, how effective a product it is, just how exactly you should market it. Do you turn to the author? Google it and search through other people’s reviews? Again, time consuming and hard to find the answers you’re looking for.

3. Packaging –

You may be a whiz at packaging a PLR product, but unless you are, you’ll need help re-packaging most things you buy in order to prepare them to be sold. Are you ready for that? Where will you learn how to do it? Buy another product to teach you? Outsource it? More time, more money out of your pocket.

4. Support –

Have you ever joined a site, or bought a software package or physical product, and felt like you were trying to put together an entire houseful of “assembly required” furniture with nothing but the Indonesian instruction manual? (If you’re fluent in Indonesian… imagine it in Swahili…) Is there support readily available to you, or does your “guru” you bought from either hide behind support “processes”, or send you to an alternate product to fix your problem?


This is truly the kicker. How much can you budget for each month to purchase new products to market for yourself? $200? $500? Chances are, even those numbers are high for a lot of people. Buying products and license to sell them is expensive. How much can you afford to invest?

So, if shopping for myself isn’t the “easy” way, what is??? I’m glad you asked…

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