Jay Abraham Rich Schefren-The Attention Age Doctrine

Jay Abraham Rich Schefren-The Attention Age Doctrine

Jay Abraham Rich Schefren-The Attention Age Doctrine

I just came across a mindmap that Rich Schefren produced from his brainstorming session with Jay Abraham. This 6-page mindmap summarises at a glance some key marketing ideas of Jay Abraham.

Rich is the founder of Strategic Profits and also the author of a few groundbreaking reports, including the “Internet Business Manifesto” and “Attention Age Doctrine“.
I have finished reading Rich’s “Attention Age Doctrine“, which talks about how marketing has radically changed and why we must change our marketing approach or risk losing our market. These are some of the points covered in Rich’s report:

The world is suffering from a case of chronic attention deficit disorder with information overload and technological advances.
How (and why) he got scolded by Jay Abraham.
Gaining attention is the one of the most valuable thing you can have today. With it, you can easily make a fortune. Rich gives a few examples.
After gaining attention, you must know how to engage. The internet provides you with many ways of doing this.
You should stop being a marketer and become a maven instead.

To read the Attention Age Doctrine, you can download it from here.

Jay Abraham had this to say of Rich Schefren:

“Rich transforms lives, business fates, and financial destinies. I personally respect, appreciate, admire and laud him. Rich is one of the very few worth turning to for online marketing and strategic business-building.“

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