Jason Linett – Hypnotize Business Boot Camp


Jason Linett – Hypnotize Business Boot Camp

Price: $547

Just For: $85

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Product Description:

Hypnosis Business Boot Camp
Are you ready to start seeing more clients?
Would you like to work SMARTER, and not HARDER?
Who else wants to learn easy tools that make your business life easier?

Hypnosis has advanced in the 21st century as a viable PROFESSION of practitioners who help normal everyday people with normal everyday problems. Our primary goal is to help our clients. However, if we don’t treat the service as a business, those clients will not be able to find us, won’t know we exist, and they won’t receive the help they need.

Hypnosis Business Boot Camp
Jason Linett has built a full-time hypnosis practice that services 20+ clients a week on a regular basis and recently required taking on an additional practitioner. He maintains a schedule of regular certification courses as an instructor of hypnosis, and continues to present 50+ stage hypnosis programs a year.

“The more that we’re successful, the more we’re successful,” says Linett. “As we become successful hypnotists, more people will experience positives changes and improve their lives.”

Topics will include:

  • The mindset for success
  • How to run a profitable business as a solo practitioner
  • Obtaining pre-qualified clients committed to change
  • Mastering the incoming call
  • Building a niche market
  • Modern website strategies
  • Automation techniques to simplify your life
  • Getting clients by doing free talks in the community
  • Network marketing strategies
  • Your perfect elevator speech
  • Getting referrals
  • Positioning yourself as the obvious expert
  • Getting media attention

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