Jason Fladlien – The Traffic E -Class

Jason Fladlien - The Traffic E -ClassJason Fladlien - The Traffic E -Class

Jason Fladlien - The Traffic E -Class

Jason Fladlien – The Traffic E -Class

Price : $199.90

Jason Fladlien’s Product eClass is an online course about, well, how to make online products that sell. It makes some bold claims, namely that with just some ambition (not even too much!), a bit of focus, and desire:

  • You can create a product that sells in under 2 hours
  • Bigger isn’t better. It should provide 1 solution to 1 problems and you should create it in 1 sitting
  • If you give yourself too much time, you simply will not complete your product
  • You don’t need “social proof” to sell an information  product on the Net
  • You don’t need good marketing to sell a product

Product eClass is presented as a membership site with a series of videos, but it also comes with very complete transcripts and a number of bonuses as well. Jason Fladlien is perhaps the most qualified person in the world to create this course. I’ve bought a lot of his prdocuts. After just 5 years he has a long track record of creating high quality information products fast, and selling them by the boatload. He’s at the top of his game, so this is the best time to get the course. Fladlien so good because he knows what his students want but also what they need; he uses judo on his rare failures, showing how to learn from them (at worst) and make money on them (at best); and he appears to hold nothing back. His earlier video products were marred by an annoying laugh. That’s gone: around the time he made his first million bucks in under a year, he tightened up his presentations and now just sounds authoritative.


Get this course at here : https://tenlibrary.com/jason-fladlien-traffic-e-class/


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