Jason Fladlien – Mail Truth

Jason Fladlien – Mail Truth

Jason Fladlien – Mail Truth

Name Product: Jason Fladlien – Mail Truth

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The Undeniable Truth About The Current State Of Email Marketing
Who should and shouldn’t be building an email list…

Hey, Jason Fladlien here, and my list isn’t as big as you’d think. I have about 50,000 people on my list… and while impressive, I know tons of gurus in our niche alone who have lists much bigger than that.

However, few of them produce results like we do here at Rapid Crush, Inc.

For example, an email campaign we recently put in place as an affiliate resulted in use being wired $1,000,000 in cash, direct to our bank account

All Traffic Comes At A Cost

The easiest way to get traffic from scratch is to buy it. Gone are the days when you could spam eZine articles, Hub Pages, and Squidoo lenses with so-so quality stuff and be rewarded with leads and email addresses.

The problem with buying paid traffic from places like Facebook is… it’s cold traffic. These people have no relationship with you. They are just targets. Demographics & interests you’ve zoned in… and you’re trying to pitch based on the message alone. No relationship.

That’s why I shake my head when I see people putting in all this effort to buy ads… and not build an email list from it.

Any traction you get from this is most likely short lived. Eventually the cost per lead will go up (competition), the loophole you’re exploiting will go away, or your message will fatigue.

And what are you left with? The same thing you started with. Nothing.

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