Jason Fladlien – 6 in 6 Coaching – $997

Igor Ledochowski – Private Hypnosis Club – Master Classesx Vol 1 – 24

Jason Fladlien – 6 in 6 Coaching – $997

Jason Fladlien – 6 in 6 Coaching – $997

These Recorded Coaching Session Are
Already Waiting For You In The Members Area!

You Absolutely MUST Do This To Succeed…

In this coaching call we reveal all the results from our “2 hour” questionnaire we had previous coaching clients complete. Some interesting results include 24.1% of our members having bee doing internet marketing for less than 6 months, 60% have a full time job, and 43.4% are “just getting by” financially.

Then we spend the rest of the session showing you what to do regardless of what position you’re in to “reset” your chances to start things off the RIGHT WAY!

What our students biggest challenges were and how you can finally put them to rest
Why 51% of our members monthly expenses were non-essentials and how we immediately saved our members a boatload of money
Why there is no such thing as a “treasure map” to internet marketing riches… and why it’s a GOOD thing once you do this instead…

How we “baited & added” to YOUR membership in these 3 ways you didn’t even know about… (you benefit from this over-delivery tactic)
Slide #40 has this 13 word sentence on it that will immediately double your business potential if you follow it
And more!

How To Quickly Master New Skills Which Can
You Easily “Sell” For Profit These Ways…

On this call you’ll discover how you can enter a brand new market and 15 hours later (or less) master a topic in that market which you can easily leverage to make hundreds, thousands or more dollars..

That’s just the start. You’ll also discover…

The 3 most powerful “categories of expertise” so you can sell stuff without even “packaging it up”
These 13 “tangible assets” on slide 7… along with their indepth explanation… is the difference between earning a few bucks a month and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars
The 3 places to go to uncover the best, most profitable “sub niches” to become a quick expert in (slide 15)

3 case studies of how you can quickly acquire, master and sell information products in brand new niches in a few days…
12 “no brainer” topics in internet marketing that are begging to be invaded by you for some “easy pay days” (only a few of our current members have touched these, and they’ve been glad they did!)
And more!

The Real Truth About Affiliate Marketing…

Did you know there is an affiliate program for iTunes songs? And apps?

There is a lot of stuff about affiliate marketing most people have no clue about… but if you were aware of them we guarantee it would change your financial future. Stuff like:

What most affiliates do wrong that costs them money they already are owed (no, not LOSE potential revenue, but NOT GET PAID actual revenue!)
The 4 deadly piftfalls of most popular affiliate programs that you should avoid at all costs (instead choose affiliate programs that have these 3 things…)
Why most people get screwed with clicbank (the rule of 5 credit cards kills a lot of affiliates out of the gate!)

How To Build Your Email List Correctly

There is a specific 5 step formula starting with creating your squeeze page, your free gift, your first email message and you traffic that you SHOULD absolutely follow if you want to make list building as easy as possible…

You’ll discover EXACTLY how this is done during this recorded coaching session. In addition…:

The “10 minutes or less” test your free gift must pass if you want to maximize all your future email broadcast revenue… (almost no one gets this right)
3 squeeze page templates you can download “swipe and deploy” from in minutes… to create some of the highest squeeze page conversions known to man
If you have a blog, you’ll love this “two step” strategy to convert nearly 10% of all blog visitors into email subscribers

What you must absolutely put on your redirect page that people see after they sign up for your list if you want to have the highest double optin confirmations
Email marketing best practices including how often to mail, the content/pitch blend and also secrets to high open rates and click thrus
And more!

How To Score Super Cheap Facebook Traffic For Pennies!

We brought in a guest expert who is absolutely crushing it on Facebook pay per click marketing, and she shared each and everyone of her secrets in this marathon training call.

Watch the recording to immediately discover…

How to uncover “sweet spot” demographics to bid on so not only do you get super cheap clicks, but you get them from the most qualified prospects and best quality traffic!
How to combine keyword advertising with people’s personal interests to write ads that “stalk” your best niches
The 5 things you should talk about on facebook – regardless of what niche your in – to tap into the “viral community” marketing to get hordes of free traffic!

How to easily set up a facebook fan page… and the 4 things you can easily do to make any fresh new fan page appear “lived in” (this is critical for quick monetization!)
The average facebook user has 130 friends… here’s how you can instantly show it in 130 places with ONE tiny bit of effort! (nice…)
And more!

Product Creation In 48 Hours Or Less
(Includes Real World Case Study!)

Want to know how we created a simple little report in less than 2 days that generated over $17,000 in revenue with simple marketing campaigns?

Not only do we walk you through step by step on this case study, but we also show you how to replicate it. Plus…:

The 5 step process from idea to profit you must follow when creating products (stray from this and take longer and/or make less money)
How to outline your whole product idea in less than 10 minutes… so you can create the product before the end of the day after tomorrow! (this is what the pros do…)
What products you should never create…. (sadly, these are the products that seem most attractive to beginner or struggling marketers)

An easy 7 step process from writing the advertisement for your freshly created information product
The simplest ways to test out your new product and advertisment to see if its going to be a winner (and how much money you can expect to make when you roll it out later…).
And more!

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