Jamie Smart – My NLP Resources

Jamie Smart – My NLP Resources

Jamie Smart – My NLP Resources

Jamie Smart – My NLP Resources

Name Product: Jamie Smart – My NLP Resources
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Author: Jamie Smart
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Website: http://www.mynlpresources.com/

Welcome to myNLPresources.com, the world’s most comprehensive resource for learning, applying, sharing & benefiting from practical Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) skills.

Imagine a multi-media “NLP Encyclopaedia”, where you don’t just read about NLP – you can actually see NLP techniques demonstrated by your favourite NLP trainers, or hear them explained as part of entertaining audios.

You can type some aspect of NLP into the search box at the right of the screen to discover the wealth of NLP resources at your fingertips.

Our mission
To create a space where everyone on the planet can get access to, learn, share & benefit from real NLP skills.

Our goal
To create & evolve the world’s most useful, cool, vibrant NLP-oriented website anyone has ever seen, with a “nondenominational” community of NLP trainers, practitioners & other learners.

What’s on the site
This site includes a wide variety of free videos, articles & audios, as well as the option to become a member of the myNLPresources community.

The NLP Techniques Library, including video demos of ‘classic’ NLP techniques (plus lots of new ones!) From fast phobia cures to confidence boosters, you’ll find them here.

Explanations & examples of over 150 NLP & hypnotic language patterns to help you learn hypnotic language fast. Contributions from some of the biggest names in NLP.

Full access to tools & information to help you apply NLP today (see the navigation bar to your left for the full list of application areas).

And much more (among other things, new videos, audios & articles are added every week, so you can feel confident that you’re getting access to the latest developments in the field)!

Video: Recognising the World of Physical Form Metaphors – Jamie Smart
We think in metpahors but as Jamie explains, thinking itself is not confined to those metaphors.
Video: The Laws of Form vs Thinking – Jamie Smart
Thoughts are formless. Listen on to learn why this is an exciting realisation to come to.
Video: Paying Attention to Gestures – Jamie Smart
Gestures are an ancient form of communication. Jamie explains why it is useful to tap into this powerful source of communication.
Video: The Magic of Encouraging the Imagination – Jamie Smart
Imagination is the start of all action. Use this idea to persuade and influence others naturally.
Article: The Path of Mastery Part Eight The Edge
Jamie Smart discusses one of the key paradoxes on the path of mastery in Part Eight of a ten-part article series.
Video: The Magical Effects of Words on Neurophysiology – Jamie Smart
Words aren’t real but they sure feel like they are.
Video: Take People Literally – Jamie Smart
People will give you everything you need to help them change. Just let them talk and take them literally.
Video: Demo – The Power of Watching & Listening – Jamie Smart
Watch and listen to people you will be surprised what you can learn. Watch and listen to Jamie demonstrate these skills in a coaching context.
Article: The Path of Mastery – Part Seven Intentionality Jamie Smart
Jamie Smart explains why having a clear idea of what you want allows you to relax and trust your unconscious.
Video: The Physiological Expression of Structure – Jamie Smart
Language is just one level of communication that we use to tell our personal stories…
Video: The Evolution of Stories – Jamie Smart
We humans have evolved the ability to describe the world around us. Knowing this can help you understand how a person is creating their inner world.
Video: Structure and Content – Jamie Smart
Changing content was the mode of choice for early psychotherapists, but change can take place quickly when you tinker with the structure.
Video: The Structure of Sleight of Mouth – Jamie Smart
Unleash the power of language with Sleight of Mouth!
Article: The Path of Mastery – Part Six Surrender Jamie Smart
Jamie Smart talks about the power of surrendering to the path of mastery, and why it’s a vital part of the journey.
Video: The Multi-Level Process of Learning – Jamie Smart
Learning is a fascinating multi-level process. As Jamie explains, this understanding offers tremendous power in improving your learning.
Video: The Ericksonian Power of Now (and the Future!) – Jamie Smart
The future doesn’t exist yet, but we can visit the future in our imaginations and draw power in to right now.
Video: Always Communicating – Jamie Smart
People are always communicating – know what to look for and you can begin to piece together what is going on for them internally.
Article: The Path of Mastery – Part Five Practice Jamie Smart
Does the thought of practice make you tremble* Why not make it fun* Jamie Smart explains in Part Five of a ten-part article series.
Video: The Unconscious Intelligence of the Body-Mind – Jamie Smart
The unconscious mind is always operating behind the scenes and therefore odffers us tremendous power if we tune in to it.
Video: Discovering The Structure of Experience – Jamie Smart
Modelling experience lies at the heart of NLP practice. Discover the power of developing modelling skills.
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