James Wedmore – 48 Hour Film School


James Wedmore - 48 Hour Film School

James Wedmore – 48 Hour Film School

Day 1 – Prepping for the Perfect Video
Just like the Boy Scouts, a Film Student’s Motto is .”Be Prepaaed.” Since today is your very first day of Film School, we’re going to…
Day 2 – Lights, Camera, Take Action
On Day #2 , we press record. You won’t just LEARN how to make a video…you will actually make one step-by-step as we do it with you ! We’…
Week 2 – Free Gift Video
List Building is absolutely essential to the growth of your online bussiness. At the start of Week 2, we will build upon your first two days…
Week 3 – A Call to Arms Video
It’s not just how your videos look, it’s what you say that will insprise your viewers into action. In this special ” call-to-Arms”….
Week 4 – Catch-Up Week
Because we’ll be making our videos TOGETHER , I decided to add a catch-up week to give students a breather.
HOWEVER, for our action-takers
Week 5 – The Traffic-Getting YouTube Video
There’s no point in having a website, or even making a video, if no one is going to see it! That’s why we’ll spend Week 5 showing you…
Week 6 – The Sales Video
No matter what type of bussiness you’re in, you NEED to be selling. And the harsh truth is: most of us Hate selling. This is where you’re…
The 48 Hour Film School Launch Video
Want to see the EXACT 3-Video James used to have a six-figure product launch? In this extra BONUS module, you’ll get the exact videos AND…

Price: $297
You Just Pay: $47
Sale Page: https://jameswedmore.leadpages.co/48hr-wait-list-spring/

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