James Malinchak – Successful Speakers Course


James Malinchak - Successful Speakers Course
James Malinchak – Successful Speakers Course

James Malinchak is one of the top names in the professional speaking business. His courses and live bootcamp events are known to be packed with informationa that can put you on track for success as a speaker.

One of the most lucrative markets for professional speaking is teh College market. Colleges across teh country and wround the world regualry book paid speakers to present to their student body. The information in this course walks you step by step through the process, whether you are a complete beginner, or a current pro speaker wanting to excel in the college market.

James Malinchak – Successful Speakers Course

Instructor: James Malinchak
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          The Inside Secrets You’ll Learn In This Home Study Course, You’ll Learn Nowhere Else…
Who the Key People Are at Colleges That Book Speakers for Campuses and College Conferences. Yes, there are key people who do this…A LOT of them! You just need to know who they are…and you will!
How You Can Easily Reach All of the Key People Who Are Already Booking Speakers at Colleges. There are several organizations that you can buy the contact information from on mailing labels or computer disks. You just need to know who they are…and you will!
The 3 Best Times of Year for You to Contact These People.
There are 3 times of the year when they are ready and eager to book speakers. Market to them during these three all-important times of the year and you can increase your chances of getting booked by 1000%! Disregard them and you’ll probably be like I was when I started…NO BOOKINGS…NO MONEY!
The Most Effective (and Cheapest) Way for You to Contact These Key People…so you don’t waste time and money!
The 10+ Different Departments at Each College That Have Well-Funded Budgets That Can Book You to Speak.
Which College Conferences Have Showcasing Opportunities for You.
Many of the attendees can and will book you on the spot.
How to Get 3-4 Other Colleges to “block-book” You When You’re in Their Area…so you can have 3-4 speaking engagements every time you take a trip.
How You Can Get Rebooked by the Same Colleges EVERY Year, Creating a Guaranteed Income Stream. (It’s not that difficult)
Putting Together the Correct Marketing Materials That Will Get You Noticed, Booked and Rebooked. Forget about putting together thick speaking packets, expensive demo videos and fancy press kits like certain speakers associations and, so called, speaker coaches teach you to do. You don’t need them. I began talking to the Key College Event Coordinators, some by phone and some in person, and I asked them to tell me what they like to receive and don’t like to receive. Many showed me actual examples of what they receive and I was amazed that THEY DIDN’T LIKE the majority of what they received. Guess where the one’s they disliked went? That’s right – the trash! An amazing thing happened when I started getting the right stuff to the right people at the right times of the year…I became flooded with calls and emails for bookings!
Which Conferences You Can Attend for Instant and Maximum Exposure and Which Not to Attend.
How to Set the Right Fees So Your Calendar is Flooded With Bookings.
How You Can Easily Get 3-5 Spin-off Talks From Every Talk.
Which of Your Products Students & Staff Will Buy Most.
One Simple E-mail Strategy That Gets You New Bookings and Gets You Rebooked Every Year.
Which Topics Are Most Booked and Why.
The One Association List to Use with 6,000+Members Who Can Book You for Staff Development Trainings. …And Too Many Other Strategies to List!!


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