Irv Bauer – Step By Step Screenwriting

Irv Bauer - Step By Step Screenwriting

Irv Bauer – Step By Step Screenwriting

Product Description:
The complete course as taught at major universities and in seminars in the US and around the world by screenwriter/educator Irv Bauer. The 4-disc DVD set is an in-depth examination of the art and craft of screenwriting containing 6 hours of stimulating video instruction. Included is a comprehensive Workbook on CD-Rom of exercises and examples for each of the ten sessions.

DISC ONE – The Gathering Phase

Session 1: Character, Location, Time
Session 2: Dialogue

DISC TWO – The Visual Component

Session 3: Film Form – Second Character
Session 4: Scene without Dialogue
Session 5: Transitions

DISC THREE – Putting It All Together

Session 6: Idea Breakdown
Session 7: Story Structure
Session 8: Plotting – Treatment 1
Session 9: Plotting – Treatment 2
Session 10: First Draft


Exercises and examples for all ten sessions
To shape and expand your skills for both the novice and the experienced writer there is a wealth of useful insights giving each stage of script development the in-depth attention necessary. Filmed during an actual 2 week Intensive you have the benefit of learning in a group environment.


“If you’re looking for a complete tutorial in screenwriting, then this DVD is the way to go, you will NOT be disappointed. It is very in-depth and covers everything you need to know to develop a screenplay, from character to final draft. The integrated workbook is a major plus and I can’t put into words just how grateful I am as a writer to have this DVD set in my library.” – Iris Sanders

“The DVD is even more useful than I expected and I’ve seen some from big name screenwriters. Rather than simply a series of lectures this is a master class in screenwriting. Here are a couple of things I particularly liked. (1) Bauer’s style: he’s a charismatic speaker, but he’s forceful when he needs to be. Watching him speak about writing, I felt that old familiar energy and will to write, that one gets in the presence of a really astute, challenging teacher.”

There’s a real sense of the reasoning that binds the lessons together. Bauer’s approach is very practical and focused on the actual, everyday work of writing and creating. The lessons have been well organized too, so someone working by themselves could easily follow along step-by-step, but if you’re struggling over something in particular, you can cut straight to the section you need.” – Mr. Bricolage

“A full course in the craft of screenwriting from soup to nuts. Bauer’s standards are high. His insights and arguments for the logic of each step are persuasive and right on. I ended up as Bauer promised ,with “a full understanding of the process and a way to work” on my own material. I now have my own personal trainer in the DVD that I can call on anytime. If you are willing to work and are seriously interested in learning screen writing and can’t come to New York to work with Irv Bauer in person, get his DVD!” – Rosamund Gilmore

“For me, it seems there is enough material on the DVD for a whole school term of a two-hours-course. The DVD is great material for a teacher and for teaching. You do not have to add anything. Personally, I think the DVD is so well done that it would also be good for teachers at universities with Part Three extending through the whole year.” – Bianca Jung

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