Introduction to Hypnosis Home Study – HPTI

HPTI – Introduction to Hypnosis Home Study

Introduction to Hypnosis Home Study – HPTI

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This course will introduce students to the basic concepts and workings of hypnosis, demonstrate and explain specific techniques, and create a foundation for the rest of the HPTI curriculum. The emphasis of this course is preparation for a clinical practice and application of hypnosis. The importance of proper intake questions, pre-talk explanation, note taking, forms, and how to integrate these into a hypnotic process will be discussed. This course will also introduce topics of language patterns and the use of specific word choice in order to be more versatile and comfortable with hypnotic language.

The primary goal of this course is to prepare students for the rest of their HPTI studies by providing a solid foundation in the following areas:
1.An understanding of different models and theories of hypnosis.
2.Specific suggestibility tests, inductions, and deepening techniques. introduction to different styles and approaches to the art of hypnosis.
4.The ability to utilize hypnotic language patterns
5.Incorporate client issues and outcomes into predetermined outlines
6.Breakdown any script into a series of predictable, interchangeable parts
7.Understand how to set up the initial meeting
8.Create Paperwork and intake forms for their practice
9.Know what questions to ask their clients

REQUIRED TEXT Hypnotic script Handbook Volume I (enclosed)

Trancework: An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis, Michael Yapko, Ph.D. (enclosed)


Each week will have a unique portfolio of video lectures. You will be provided with links to access each weeks lectures.

?Introduction, Overview, and methodology
?Explaining the subconscious
?Misconceptions about hypnosis
?what is possible with hypnosis
?Terms and definitions
?What a hypnotist actually does
?Session Structure
?Ritual to expectation ratio
?Overcoming and utilizing social expectations
?Submodalities – recognizing and utilizing
?Suggestibility testing
?Signs of hypnosis and depth
?Models for human motivation
?Philosophy of respecting differences and disagreements
?Finding and developing your hypnotic style
?Day in the life of a hypnotist
?What my clients are like
?Practical applications and areas of specialty
?Setting up an office
?Business basics
?Scheduling sessions, tune ups, and terminating a client
?Ideomotor and dialogue with the client during hypnosis
?Abreaction – Avoid, reduce, induce, utilize, or resolve
?Overview of common script styles
?How to breakdown a script
?metaphor based scripts
?Client outcome based scripts
?Pacing, phrasing, tonality
?Creating Rapport, respect, and expectation
?Questions I ask every client in the first session
?Great Questions and what to do with the answers
?Intake forms and paperwork
?Note taking

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