IM Grind Grind Session Seminar by Ralph Ruckman and Ryan Gray

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IM Grind Grind Session Seminar by Ralph Ruckman and Ryan Gray

IM Grind Grind Session Seminar by Ralph Ruckman and Ryan Gray

IM Grind aims to become the go to source for all news related to Internet Marketing. With Ruck and Ryan teaming together, they bring nearly 2 decades of Affiliate Marketing, Advertising, and Performance Network Management.

Here is whats included:

Part 1 Lead Generation Arbitrage
Part 2 Co Registration
Part 3 Catch Phrasing
Part 4 WAP/Pay Per Call
Part 5 Intro To Micro Continuity

Grind Session Seminar Announcement Saturday Aug 20 NYC

Hey Everyone,

Ryan and I have been planning our own seminars together for quite some time now, as we both have been public speakers in numerous engagements over the years already. However, we have mostly been just keynote speakers, interviewees or had a set amount of time given to us that really didnt allow enough time for us to really teach some good stuff. Well, that all ends now

We are offering Community Members here the first opportunity to attend our Grind Session on August 20th at the Hilton NYC Mercury Ballroom. The seminar is a one day event in which it will be only Ryan and myself grinding it out with affiliates, advertisers, network owners and whatever Creme of the crop shows up.

Also, we have taken a close look at the seminars that are held around events such as Affiliate Summit, (most of which are 997) or more. Ryan and I wanted to sort of go against the grain here and offer the Community a ticket for 297 and a recording ticket for 397.00. If this seems expensive to you, with what Ryan and I will be showing at the event, Ill ask that you please do not purchase a ticket and waste my time. In the event you b*****, Ill not only refund your purchase but Ill also eliminate you from the community for wasting my time.

So…please consider strongly whether or not this is for you because Im not your typically run of the mill seminar speaker. Im coming there to teach and teach only. Im not going to come there and stall you with some bullshit. When I get there, Im going at you as hard as I can in the time frame Im given. After that, Im going down to Times Square for Irish Car bombs and Beer pong at my favorite Irish Pub.

If the information and strategies we will be teaching doesnt justify a seminar ticket for you then I would highly suggest you sit back and let this one go and maybe after the seminar you will hear how awesome it was from other members and how you should have been there and yada yada but no you procrastinated and missed out. Most likely as Ryan and I begin our public speaking trips this year, we will be recording some footage from each event however Grind Session is strictly for marketers and the stuff we will be sharing there is behind closed doors and for attendees only!

Update: At the request of our Community Members, it seems we have under estimated the market here ha. After speaking with Ryan and figuring in production/recording costs along with purchasing the ballroom and other expenses, we are going to attempt to do something out of this world so to speak. With us being under a month old, we want to be able to set the bar on Industry Seminars because quite frankly, most I have been to are shit.

So heres how its going to roll:

1. 297.00 Community Members attending the live event will also get free access to Micro Mastery.
2. 397.00 Community Members who will purchase a recording of the event.
3. 497.00 Blog Readership Event Attendees (We will posting publically end of the week if we have enough seats still left)

Thats the absolute best I can do. What Ryan and I will be teaching is not being taught anywhere else and if it is, it doesnt even come close to what we have accomplished. I assure you. There will be millionaires made at this seminar, I guarantee it. I now a few who are already multi millionaires attending the seminar. (Ive seen your name come thru on ticket orders)

Some of what we will be covering:

Create Multi Million dollar lead gen funnels that allow you to squeeze cash literally on demand out of your subscribers and how to do it whenever you want, at any time!
Learn Rucks exclusive Catch Phrasing PPC strategy that allows him to enter markets such as weightloss, business opportunity, dating and more on ANY Pay Per Click traffic source and face virtually NO COMPETITION!
Learn Pay Per Call and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) marketing strategies that are turning newbie marketers in 6 Figure xxx,xxx.xx MONTHLY earners!
We will teach you how to specifically target Affiliate Networks as an arbitrager and s**** their affiliates traffic into your very own offers that build your business on auto pilot 24/7!

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