ILN – The Famous Viral 5 Lifestyle Formula

ILN - The Famous Viral 5 Lifestyle Formula

ILN – The Famous Viral 5 Lifestyle Formula

Day 5 with our ILN 80 day Training Challenge:
How To Make Your Business Go Viral With Only 5 People!

“You must follow this for your income to go viral.”
This is the QUICK START GUIDE about the next courses, the content of the courses, the next 11 steps.

All the course are good for any business, to grow any business, or your ILN biz.

Be speedy, consistent. Be all over the place.
Be seen. Only the diligent profit.

… to find customers. So, what does the customer want? More pills? Lotions?

The customer wants END RESULTS.
The customer wants EXPERIENCE.
The customer wants BEST FUTURE RESULTS.

One of the “VIRAL LAWS” introduced is:

New members can immediately follow the steps and can “run with it”, for example the blog, it is already set up, just enter some info, “fill in the blanks” and the blog is ready in minutes and new members can start blogging right away!

COMMUNITY, the No. 1 thing people want in life, they want to be part of something, of a community. That’s the reason we invite new members, or future members, also leads and prospects, to our ILN family group. The 2. thing people crave is SIGNIFICANCE. New group members experience a warm welcome from ILN members, can ask questions, read testimonials .. YES, we are FAMILY!

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