Igor Ledochowski (Private Hypnosis Club – Master Classes) – #1 The Non-Awareness Set

Igor Ledochowski (Private Hypnosis Club - Master Classes) - #1 The Non-Awareness Set [1 PDF, 8 MP3s]

Igor Ledochowski (Private Hypnosis Club – Master Classes) – #1 The Non-Awareness Set [1 PDF, 8 MP3s]

Here are just some of the advanced secrets that members discovered in recent Master Classes…

* The “Non-Awareness Set”. How to use the unconscious so people forget how to resist you
* How to tell spellbinding stories so that people hang on every word you say as they slip easily into hypnosis
* The quick path to developing your verbal elegance so you absolutely mesmerize your audience
* How to unleash hypnotic power loops to guarantee you get amazing results with hypnosis
* Discover exactly how hypnosis masters create “Hypnotic Realities” in others with their magnetic personal power
* Discover how to hypnotize cynics and other people who don’t believe in hypnosis (They’re in for a very rude shock!)
* The stunning secret of covert trances that will have you changing people’s minds more often than you change your socks!
* How to use the distraction method to secretly influence people’s unconscious mind to give you what you want and achieve amazing results
* Uncover the secrets of naturally developing irresistible suggestions
* Mastering the little known language of dissociation so you can deal directly (and effectively) with the unconscious mind and achieve astounding results
* How to use hypnotic power states to programme your unconscious for guaranteed success in any meeting, project or task
* The power of hypnotic reversals to quickly and easily remove cynicism, doubt and verbal aggression from people’s minds
* Explore the mysterious deep trance phenomena in hypnosis and amaze yourself & others
* The real secrets behind hypnotic binds and double binds so you can get just about anyone to say “YES”
* How to really master self hypnosis to get whatever you want out of life. Most people, Even Seasoned Hypnotists, fail horribly with self hypnosis because they don’t fully understand the process
* How to use the dynamic principle to easily get inside people’s minds and change attitudes, feelings and the whole inner landscape
* Instant Street Hypnosis. Now you can demonstrate the power of hypnosis to amaze a crowd, be a force for good or even to save someone’s life!
* The secret to creating mind bending hypnotic language guaranteed to change people in an instant
* And much, much more…

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