Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar

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Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar

Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar

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Author: Igor Ledochowski
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If you go through this and follow the simple instructions you had better be prepared to have you life improve quickly and in very exciting ways. Hi, my name is Igor Ledochowski and I am about to show you…How to easily hypnotically connect and engage with any size group of people.

And although the thought of speaking in front of groups of people may be a little scary for you at the moment – I’m going to show you…
How to be more relaxed speaking in front
of a group of people than you are at
speaking privately on the telephone
with a good friend

You don’t have to learn any complicated performance skills, either.

You don’t need to be outgoing.

You don’t need to be super-confident.

And you don’t need a “radio voice.”

Far from it.

In fact, with my hypnotic speaker & presenter secrets you just have to RELAX into your “best self”…

…and because my speaker & presenter secrets allow you to deliver your message in an engaging, memorable, and yes, a hypnotic way… you will see amazing and encouraging responses from every talk or presentation you deliver.

By continuing on – here’s what you will have to look forward to…

You’ll see your ideas get more readily accepted and acted upon by those in your care, counsel or company…
You’ll finally feel you’re making the most of your ideas, insights and experience…
You’ll be expressing yourself in a way that leads to beneficial results for you and those around you…
And, finally, you’ll start receiving the recognition, respect, admiration, praise, promotions and pay rises your knowledge deserves.

It’s easy.

All you need are a few nice-and-simple hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets and somebody (me) to show you how to use them.

To give you an idea of the exciting things that can happen when you know my hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets – here is a true story of the amazing difference they made on a client of mine:

Listen to this:

A few years ago (back when I was a Corporate Executive Coach) I was hired by an accountancy company.

My assignment was to help an executive craft and deliver a pitch that, if successful, would result in a multi-million dollar contract for my client.

Thing is, the odds were heavily stacked against us from the outset.

For starters:

The companies my client were competing against for the contract were the “big boys” of the U.K. accountancy industry (Arthur Anderson Consulting, KPMG, Ernst & Young and the like).

And for my “lesser known” client to muscle in on a multi-million dollar contract and win it out from under the noses of those big boys was virtually unheard of.

Things got worse from there…

Because that’s when I ran into the second big problem – namely, the executive who was going to deliver the pitch…

Let’s just say he was a bag of nerves.

On top of that he suffered from “pitch amnesia” (he couldn’t remember his pitch past the first few sentences).

It was like his memory had got jammed – just like those old VHS cassette tapes would get jammed in a VHS player!

Things, as you can imagine, were not looking good.

And the amount of time I had to help the executive was fading away fast.

However, after sharing my hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets with the executive, I was able to get him to deliver his full 20 minute pitch to me, completely off the cuff.

And he did it so naturally, he himself almost couldn’t believe he’d done it.

But time was still against us.

The REAL pitch – in front of a group of intimidating senior executives from the potential client — was just the next day.
And a multi-million dollar contract
was at stake.

Not to mention the companies he was pitching against pretty much had a “closed shop” on the size of business he was about to pitch for.

Here’s what happened…

Long story short, my executive client delivered his pitch with so much grace, poise, confidence and engaging authority he landed the multi-million dollar contract — snatching it right out from under the noses of the big boys of the industry.

It truly was a David versus Goliath moment.

Thanks, in large part, to the effectiveness (hypnotic-power) of the “trump card” skill I was able to teach him in just a few hours.

The story doesn’t finish there, though.

Because all in all, that executive client (who was a bag of nerves with “pitch amnesia” before I worked with him) ended up pitching to 7 Public Limited Companies in the United Kingdom

If I didn’t make clear before, the accountancy firm (my client) had never got so much as a look in before — but with the coaching I did (teaching my “trump card” skill) they ended up getting hired by 6 out of the 7 Public Limited companies (completely side-sweeping the “big 5″ accountancy firms).

And the 7th Public Limited Company they presented too?

Well this is the really fascinating bit:
Because although they turned down my client on grounds that they did not have specific expertise in the Oil and Gas Industry — they did come back to my client and go out of their way to hire them for other accountancy related work. In other words…
They literally “invented” a
reason to hire my client!

That gives you an indication of just how powerful, effective, and yes, business and life changing my hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets can be.

It’s no exaggeration to say, they can get you the respect, recognition, admiration, praise, promotions, pay rises and all the clients you deserve.

Think about it…

Every high-achieving, well-respected, well-paid leader in their field is adept at speaking in front of groups of people and (more times than not) getting their ideas heard and acted upon.

Now, you may never have to do a formal presentation in front of a panel or from a stage.


Even if you only ever have to present your ideas (in an informal setting) to just 3 or 4 people… you STILL NEED to connect with people (at an unconscious level) so they feel inspired to “own” and ACT on your ideas.

At least you do if you want to feel like you are making the most of your energy, talents and experience for the good of your cause or career, and be rewarded accordingly.

See, when you know how to connect with groups of people at an unconscious (feeling) level — you are finally able to get traction with your ideas, and that’s when everything about what you do and the satisfaction you get from it changes immeasurably for the better.

In a nutshell, it ultimately comes down to this:

You can have the same ideas. Same message you want to get across. Same person (you). Same gathering of people listening to what you say. Different way of presenting your message (based on some simple hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets I’m going to share with you) and…
Boing! You get interest, enthusiasm
and a “Let’s do it now!”
type of response!

And it’s a wonderful feeling when that happens.

Because it means you’ve been properly heard (at last!).

It means you’ve been taken seriously (at last!)

It means your ideas, points-of-view and insights are recognized as being important and valuable (at last!).

And it means (perhaps most importantly) that your ideas will get followed, implemented and acted upon to the benefit of all the people (now and in the future) who are in your clientele, in your care, in your class, or in your company.

Chances are though (just like that accountant executive) you’re probably going to need a little help getting your ideas properly heard and acted upon by the 3, 30 or 300+ people who you want to positively affect with your message.

Well, what if I could show you how to connect with and communicate your ideas to any size group of people in an extremely hypnotic, inspiring and impactful way…
Without you having to
change who you are?

In other words — you can remain shy, modest, introverted or “different” in your dress-sense or style to how other people expect you to be (if you are any of those things) and still be hypnotically inspiring and successful at getting your ideas accepted and acted upon by those that matter.

But only if you know my hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets – the same hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets I used with that accountant executive and have since developed and refined over the years to rapidly become arguably the most successful (in terms of number of sell-out live events) and results-effective hypnosis trainers in the world.

Don’t worry though – it’s now very easy to get my hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets. That’s because they are all taught and on display (in the demonstrations) throughout my:

How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter

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Here are just a few of the hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets you will see taught and demonstrated throughout the 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAM:

How to go from painfully shy to a confident stage presence by holding the “T+ State.”
How to deliver your content using “training cycles” to keep your audience engaged.
How to create a “thought matrix” and how to give an enriching experience to your audiences’ unconscious mind.
How to put your speech or presentation together for maximum results.
How to use a psychological principle (known only to a few high-level neuroscientists and experienced hypnotic-presenters) that “tunes people into your presentation” in such a way that they’ll eagerly want to pay to see you speak again and again… BEFORE you’ve even delivered your first presentation.
The “group control” secret that allows you to speak in front of a rowdy group of know-it-all’s – use this secret to control large groups of people with plenty of big egos (like high-level executives) to the extent that they “police” the audience on your behalf.
How to “sync” your presentation structure and delivery style with the UNCONSCIOUS minds of any group. Do this and each individual person in the group will make the decision to follow and succeed with your ideas… BEFORE you deliver the real content of your presentation.
The simple “mind switch” to evaporating your stage fright and performance anxiety for good. (Once you know this simple “mind switch” secret you’ll be able to walk out in front of any intimidating group of people – no matter how large — and feel as comfortable as if you were meeting up with your everyday friends).
How to bond with your audience in such a DEEP way that even if you make mistakes or completely lose your train of thought… they’ll love you more and walk away more transformed and “on board” with your message and ideas than if you delivered a slick pitch-perfect presentation.
How to get more emotional “buy in” from any audience by staying completely SILENT in front of them.
How to naturally possess a mesmerising “hypnotic voice” – a voice-cadence so cool and engaging that every member of the audience feels like you are having a one-on-one “best friend type” conversation with them. (Bill Clinton used this secret with devastating effect in a TV debate to snatch the presidency from George Bush Senior).
How to NEVER run out of engaging, witty and humorous things to say in a presentation – and do so even if you have no pre-prepared speech and you’re thrown on stage to do a “make-or-break” presentation 2 minutes before the curtain goes up!
The NUMBER 1 thing you MUST do at the start of any teaching or selling presentation where you want people to absorb and take enthusiastic action on your ideas. If you don’t do this ONE thing at the beginning of your presentation then: the MORE you say in your presentation the LESS receptive (and even downright hostile!) your audience will become.
How to make your audience members feel “lucky” to even be in the room for your presentation. (Once you induce this “oh my God, this is what I’ve been searching for all these years” feeling into your audience with the techniques you’ll get in this program — your audience members will not want to leave the room even after your presentation has ended).
A “lighting trick” my firearms teacher used on me to instantly switch me from a person who had the firearm jitters (shaky hands that prevented me from hitting the target) to AUTOMATICALLY putting a hole in the target on each shot. You can use the concept behind the “lighting secret” to enable people to learn and do things that they’d been mentally and emotionally blocked from doing before.
How to get an ever-growing “yes momentum” to sweep through your audience members without ever ringing their dreaded “salesman alert” — every million dollar speaker is a master at building an ever-growing “yes momentum” in their audience – to the point that by the time they even mention what their product or service is…
Most of the audience has already
unconsciously decided that they
HAVE to buy it right there
and then!
How I immediately engage the rapt attention of an entire audience by first REFUSING to speak to most members of the audience. I call this the “rippling wave effect” to getting full hypnotic-like audience attention
How to completely “vaccinate against” any potential objections your audience members may have over the ideas you will be presenting to them. This secret almost completely wipes out the dreaded “price resistance” and actually makes people want to spend MORE money with you!
How to get more focused attention and engagement from your audience by going “nuclear” on them. (Granted you don’t do this in every presentation — but if you have a disruptive ADD-type audience this “surprise-attack” secret will snap the audience back into a state of “please-let-me-stay-and-quietly-listen-to-you” attention).
How to deliver teaching material through the “Adult Learning Frame” to bypass any deep-seated (unconscious) “hang ups” many adults may have over their ability to learn new skills.
How to elegantly “feed” your information into the “white-hot core center” of BOTH the unconscious and conscious mind of your audience. Do this and they’ll instinctively accept the new information you have presented and then go away and follow-through by ACTING on it.
You’ll also learn the quick 30 second presentation framework.
This is a great framework for quickly seeing if you have a “ready-to-go” hypnotic-like presentation that you can “Russian doll” out and deliver in 30 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days
How to “install” logical reasons for doing something (like buying your product or services, or studying for an important exam) into the unconscious mind of your audience members — this ensures people never “back track” or get buyer’s remorse after the commitments they made at your presentation.
Why traditional teaching methods actually PREVENT people’s full learning capabilities from flourishing — and how you can use a superior “layering” model of teaching to unlock the transformative potential and skill development in every person your present to.
How to “put the audience on your side” if some attention seeker ever tries to interrupt or derail your presentation. With this secret the more a person tries to throw you off course the more the rest of the audience will side with you and neutralize the attention-seeking jerk.
Why (in certain situations) REFUSING to answer your audience members questions can make you a much more effective presenter and teacher of your material.
How million dollar speakers close people in their audience without doing any “visible selling.” (In fact, if the people in your audience feel “sold” their minds – and wallets — will shut as tightly as a clam on you).
The secret to getting your audience “fired up” about your presentation subject even if they are forced to be there against their will. (This is critical information if you ever have to present to a corporate audience who are only in attendance because their boss instructed them to be there).
How to make your body “talk” to the unconscious mind of the people in your audience… thus hypnotically installing “internal compliance” and self-motivated action in them.
How to use multiple levels of hypnotic communication so the audience follows your directions like a herd of sheep. (This advanced multiple levels of hypnotic communication secret will give you “THE boss” like authority over your audience. And frankly, you will probably never get this secret from anybody else).
How to project a “wise aura” in front of a group… even if you are talking on your subject for the very first time to people who previously looked down their nose at you.
A bizarre “confusion secret” (it goes against the grain of conventional teaching) that actually makes it possible for people to learn FASTER from you and perform new skills at a HIGHER level than they’ve ever been able to before. If you are a teacher of any kind – (whether to children or adults) – if you use just this one secret in your future classes…
You will probably have students you bump into years later telling you your classes impacted their life more than any other
class they took

Seriously – this teaching “empowerment” secret is just that powerful and impactful.
The one HUGELY embarrassing mistake most “traditionally-trained” speakers unknowingly make in their presentations that physically repulses audiences — and how to completely cut it out from your behavior before your next presentation.
Why being worried about your lack of knowledge or experience on your subject can actually lead to more positive transformational change in your listening audience. Of course I’m not suggesting lack of knowledge is something to aspire to — I’m just saying even if your knowledge of your subject is only “paper thin” you can still be an extremely effective hypnotic presenter by structuring your information in the way I will show you.
How to deal with any “verbal attack” from an audience member even if you have no “come back.” (Interestingly, by not having a quick answer to dismantle the “verbal attack” you can elevate your level of authority and composure in front of the entire group).
How to let your unconscious guide you into being the most authentic, genuine and hypnotic speaker anyone in your assembled audience has ever seen.
The secret to directing the audience member’s emotional experiences so they feel the way you want them to feel and associate those “embedded” feelings with the way you want them to think. This is hardly ever taught in any speaker or presenter courses.
How to take a “lifeless” presentation that put your last audience to sleep and transform it into a hypnotically memorable presentation that will put your next audience into self-motivated ACTION (all sales managers and organizational leaders need to know this one!).

Plus a whole lot more. Including:

…HOW to “lodge” your presentation message into the mind, heart and soul of each member of your audience
…WHY not having a ready-made subject matter to talk on can make you a more effective public speaker…
…WHAT to do to endear yourself to your audience if they are expecting a presenter who is more mature or “professional looking” than you.

All in all, if you’re an knowledge-junkie like me – there’s nothing as exciting as stumbling upon game –changing ideas.

And the ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING MODULES are bristling with game-changing ideas.

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In fact, you won’t find many of the hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets contained in the online video training and coaching modules anywhere else. Not in any book or course. Not in any seminar.

There’s a reason for that…
I invented many of the hypnotic
speaker and presenter secrets…
and for years they’ve been “Locked
away” inside my head

Now, I am delivering all my hypnotic speaker & presenter secrets to you in a 5 WEEK modular training system… which you can watch (and re-watch multiple times) each week at your convenience via the online video training modules.

So instead of getting all the training in one “jolt” through a traditional home study course or seminar – the training of the NEW How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Online Training Program is…
Divided up into easily-digestible
“bite-size” training that progressively
builds upon itself to take you to
mastery level

You will never get overwhelmed.

You will never get off-track.

You will maintain a sense of progress through the training.

And you will learn at a pace that is ideally suited to how the human brain absorbs, memorizes and internalizes new information.

Plus, you also get the chance to practice what you will be learning each week, in-between each training module.

Accordingly, each week your knowledge and your skills of engaging hypnotically with a group of people will build upon the previous week.

And by the end of all the weekly modular trainings…
You’ll be completely comfortable
connecting & hypnotically engaging
any size group of people

I know because I’ve tested and seen my hypnotic speaker and presentation secrets work spectacularly well in all kinds of settings, for all kinds of purposes.

They work in a corporate environment (like they did for my accountant client in the story mentioned earlier).

They work in the classroom setting (where your goal is to engage with students and inspire them to get fully involved in the learning process).

They work in fundraising situations (where you want people to feel good about supporting your cause and making donations).

They work in more direct sales situations (they’re useable and effective for platform selling, making a presentation for your product or service on YouTube or any type of meeting).

They even work where the group you are presenting to cannot see you!

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Right now… however… you’re probably asking yourself…
“Yes… but… will all this
really work for ME?”

Understandable question.

Especially since nearly all other speaker and presentation training out there are “technique driven.”

As in: Do this. Don’t do that. Stand this way. Talk like this. And on and on.

All useful enough – in its way – but (and this is the BIG BUT)… all those techniques and rules end up inhibiting you more than helping you.

I know.

Because I’m not a “natural born” presenter. When I first started getting interested in doing live presentations I was so bad I spent years (and a small fortune) doing speaker trainings. Nearly all of them were based on technique teachings.

And guess what happened?

In many ways… all the techniques turned me into a more “robotic” (stilted) speaker. I actually got worse at engaging and inspiring people with my presentations.

So don’t worry – I won’t be overloading you with lots of “do this, don’t do that, techniques” that just end up inhibiting you more than helping you.


My approach to teaching (and showing) you how to connect with your audience as a hypnotic speaker and presenter is to progressively and quickly bring you to the point where you are communicating your ideas in a way that is as a unique expression of your authentic, natural and best-self.

Free from all inhibitions, hang-ups and mental judgement. And let me tell you, being able to share your message and ideas to groups of people as a natural projection and self–expression of who you uniquely are…
Is the most invigorating
feeling in the world

It will make you feel fully ALIVE. From head to toe.

So, in answer to your question “will the hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets really work for me?” the answer is:

If you are okay being yourself just as you are (even if that means you are mostly shy, modest and don’t have a “Tony Robbins” personality), and you can try out a few simple, nice-and-easy, yet extremely effective and engaging speaker and presentation principles — I guarantee you…
You will be astonished at how you
can connect with any size group of
people and positively inspire and
motivate action from them

And that’s when you’ll know (really know) you already have within you EVERTHING you need to deliver your message, ideas, points-of-view and insights in a way that get “lapped up” by those you most want to impact, inspire and motivate to action.

You just need to let your true-self and your message “free” – and my NEW How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAM is designed to show you how to do just that.

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When I originally presented these secrets (without the extra weekly coaching you’ll be getting) people paid approximately $5000+ to attend when you add up the training fee, the airfare, the hotel bill, and the other general expenses they paid.

But don’t worry – you won’t have to invest anywhere near that much.

In fact, if you register for the NEW How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAM right now you’ll also get…

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: Weekly Coaching Webinars

In addition to the above-mentioned weekly training modules – you will also benefit from a weekly coaching webinar that augments the training videos of each particular week. This coaching webinar will be recorded if you miss it. Plus it will be transcribed for you too.
EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: Weekly Coaching Question & Answer Session With Me, Igor Ledochowski.

Immediately following the webinar will be a Group Coaching Question & Answer session with me answering questions on my video webcam.

If you miss this, it will be recorded so you can watch and listen to the coaching webinars and follow-on Q&A sessions at any time at your convenience. The Q & A will also be transcribed for you as well.
FREE BONUSES: Real-life Hypnotic Speech Demonstrations

These real-life hypnotic speech demonstrations will include live presentations of the students who have previously studied my How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter secrets!

Also included in this bonus training module will also be other first-class hypnotic speeches you can watch, gain insight from and draw inspiration from.

There’s nothing like seeing a number of hypnotic presentations in action (on a variety of topics) to really “bed in” all the hypnotic speaker & presenter secrets you will have learnt from the main training and coaching modules.
OPTIONAL PHYSICAL CERTIFICATE: You’ll Also Have The Choice To Take An Online Examp At The End Of The Training

Once you have completed the training, you’ll have the opportunity (and choice) to take an online exam on the hypnotic speaker and presenter program.

If you pass this exam you’ll be physically mailed an impressive certificate with your name on it that confirms that you have taken the program and passed the exam.

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So how much?

You won’t have to invest anywhere near the $5000+ others have to discover the same hypnotic speaker & presenter secrets you’ll get in the 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING program.

Instead, if you register right now – you can go through the entire NEW How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAM for just 4 simple monthly instalments of only $380.

And don’t worry – you’re never at any risk!

Because if you are not 100% satisfied with the How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Online Training — just let me know within the first 30 days, and you will receive a full and prompt refund on your investment (so far) and you will never be billed again.

That means you can go through the How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Online Video Training Program BEFORE fully deciding if it is for you.

That way, all the risk is on my shoulders. And you are fully in the “driver’s seat” in terms of how you want to progress once the training is under way.

But I urge you to hurry.

The How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter 5 WEEK Online Video Training & Coaching Program will be attracting my very best students and lots of other name recognizable hypnosis trainers too!

What’s more, I simply must limit the class size to a maximum of just 45 students so I can reasonably cope with the “hands-on” Coaching Questions and Answer sessions.

And, most importantly of all:

The How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Online Video Training Program…

Will START on MONDAY 6th April

You have to sign-up for the How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter online modular training program BEFORE MIDNIGHT PST, MONDAY 6TH April or you’ll have missed out altogether.

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Register now – there is NOTHING more you can do to get yourself heard and seen as a valuable leader in your field than to get the ability to connect with and move groups of people to action.


If you want to feel like you are having the most positive impact on those in your care, in your counsel or with colleagues and clients — the ONE skill (THE “trump card” skill) you need to equip yourself with is the ability to inspire and motivate groups of people to action.

If you want to be able to express your ideas, points-of-view and insights in a way that they are fully heard and acted upon by those with the wherewithal to do so – the ONE skill (THE “trump card” skill) you need to equip yourself with is the ability to engage and influence those people to “own” and act on your ideas.


If you want to receive the respect, admiration, recognition, praise, promotions and pay rises that fully match your ideas and insights – the ONE skill (THE “trump card” skill) you need to equip yourself with is the ability to engage with your peers and higher-ups in a way that they finally recognise your true worth.

Therefore, the How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAM is an investment in yourself.

You have permission to invest in yourself.

Especially when you’re investing in something that will finally get you rewarded for all your knowledge, ideas and experience in your field.

Here is your chance to finally get the recognition and respect from those you most want to impress and impact with your ideas.

Once again: the How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Online Video Training & COACHING Program…

Will START on MONDAY 6th April

You have to sign-up for the How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter online modular training program BEFORE MIDNIGHT PST, MONDAY 6TH April or
you’ll have missed out altogether.
5 Week Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter
Online Video Training & Coaching Program


YES! I’m definitely taking advantage of this new and exciting training and coaching program!

I understand:

I will be enrolling in this 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING program and will get access to each week’s training material as they are released. I will also get access to the group coaching webinars and coaching Q & A sessions too!

My investment is just 4 simple monthly installments of only $380.

(Optional) Impressive Physical Certificate with your name on it mailed to you on passing the exam at the end of the program.

I have 30 full days with a 100% guarantee to try out this program. If I’m not completely happy during these 30 days, I can simply cancel my enrollment and get a prompt 100% refund. No questions asked.

On that basis I’m clicking the “Add-To-Cart” button below…
$5000+ Just $380 x 4

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