Hypnosis Summit – Training Videos

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Hypnosis Summit - Training Videos

Hypnosis Summit – Training Videos

1-2-3 Phobia Free – Mark Babineaux
Combine fractionation and compounded suggestion in this three step hypnosis session to help your client overcome unfounded fears. In the first step, autosuggestion is used as both a suggestibility test and primary induction. The second step is a conventional hypnosis session involving future pacing.

3 Past Life Regression Demonstrations – Anne Spencer
Live from the classroom, Dr. A
nne shows you exactly how to do a past life regression session for a client. As she works with two different clients you get to experience multiple ways to achieve the same outcome- for all those clients who do not follow the script!

5 Phases of Regression – Roy Hunter
Client centered regression therapy helps the subconscious to discover the core cause(s) of a clients problem, enabling the hypnosis professional to facilitate release and subconscious re-learning (or reprogramming). Roy has organized regression therapy into a logical learning process with five phases, and guides his students through a step-by-step process. Its also important to know the difference between guiding and inappropriate leading, in order to minimize the risk of false memories.

7 Proven Steps for Selling Hypnosis to the Corporate Market – Don L. Price
The one Secret to having wealth, power and success is in the marketing and how hypnosis is used in coaching people to succeed in their business and personal life. Over the last 40-years of using hypnosis in the corporate market place we isolated the secrets that have created millions of dollars in business. And, we are now passing that on to YOU!

17 Most Powerful Hypnotic Principals – Adam Eason
Do you know how to make people think an inanimate object is communicating with them personally? Do you know how to ensure you elicit a trance within someone who resists as much as possible? What about this, how do you alter peoples perception of time within a sentence to alter their perception of you?

A Christian Defense of Hypnosis – Brian Hooper
Many fundamentalist Christians believe that hypnosis is dangerous and leads to demonic oppression or possession. This presentation will offer an alternative perspective based on canonical Scripture.

An Interview with Shelley Stockwell – Ormond McGill
The Dean of American Hypnosis Ormond McGill is legendary. He wrote 35 books on hypnosis and conjuring and his final work reflecting his 80+ years in the field resulted in the amazing “McGills Hypnotherapy Encyclopedia”.

Are you Ready to be Slender? – Roger Moore
Are you ready to take off your excess pounds and leave the weight forever? Are you ready to experience living life to the fullest? Think about this: Are you really ready to be different than 655 of the US population who is overweight? If your answer is YES!”” then this presentation if for you. If you arent sure, then participate and find out. If your answer is “”no”” then just continue your yo-yo dieting.”

Attract the Love of Your Life with Hypnosis – Debra Berndt
The quality of your relationships is directly related to the beliefs on the subconscious level. If you struggle with attracting a healthy relationship, come join this one-hour talk on how to uncover false beliefs deep in your mind that could be sabotaging your love life. Join this presentation and experience live hypnosis techniques to clear the way for attracting the love of your life.

Being Hypnotic – Interviewing for Success – Rev. William Mitchell
It all Starts or Stops in the Questions and Hypnotic Seeding of the Pre-Talk. The Hypnotist effectively combines the Motivational Interviewing that Elicit the Clients own Arguments for Change and the Hypnotic Seeding of Suggestions for Change in the PreTalk, the Combination results in Releasing Client Potential and Increasing Practitioner Effectiveness. This gives the Responsibility for Change back to the Client, because Properly Seeded Hypnotic Suggestions Create a Belief in their Ability to Change!

Brian Plasticity – Rayma Ditson Sommer
It was once believed that our brain becomes fixed as we age. We have been led to think that an aging brain is a result of getting older. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the last 20-years, large amounts of research have proven that the brain never stops growing when learning, changing and adjusting to new activities. These activities actually produce new neurons that connect.

Building a Profitable Private Practice – Richard Nongard
Its all in the details! Richard will share his secrets for success – from selecting office location and furnishings to low-cost print and radio advertising, how to structure fees and differentiate yourself from the competition, and so much more.

Cellular Cleanse – Patti Conklin
Throughout your lifetime, your body has kept a perfect copy of your every word, thought and emotion. They are stored as cellular memory. As a result, you have become what you say, think and feel. Over time, many layers of these memories developed into blockages. They interrupted the flow of subtle energy within your body. This is what produces dis-ease. Patti shows you how to release those blockages and return to health.

Conversational and Covert Hypnosis Part 1 – David Synder
This fascinating program explores the study and use of covert and conversational hypnotic techniques. Covert Hypnosis is the study and se of “hypnotic operators” that act upon the mind of the subject, predisposing them to think or act in a certain “often predictable” manner.

Conversational and Covert Hypnosis Part 2 – David Synder
This fascinating program explores the study and use of covert and conversational hypnotic techniques. Covert Hypnosis is the study and se of “hypnotic operators” that act upon the mind of the subject, predisposing them to think or act in a certain “often predictable” manner.

Court Mandated Anger Management – Ron Eslinger
You will get the Who, What, When and Where as part of this workshop on court mandated anger management and stress reduction. This program was created to give you the tools needed to create and develo

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