Hsing-i Chuan for Health and Martial Power: Volume 1: San Tii and Pi Chuan

Hsing-i Chuan for Health and Martial Power: Volume 1: San Tii and Pi Chuan

Hsing-i Chuan for Health and Martial Power: Volume 1: San Tii and Pi Chuan

This is the most comprehensive material Bruce has ever offered about these subjects. If you are looking for a way to build chi for health or for martial power, this series of DVDs explains the internal workings and secrets of these amazing arts. Bruce calls these practices ‘The Fastest Way to Build Martial Power and Chi’.

San Ti—the trinity posture—is at the heart of the practice of hsing-i and its Five Elementsi. A common story about the best people in hsing-i describes how they were made to do San Ti for between one and three years before being allowed to learn anything else. San Ti cultivates five critical processes involving:

(1) the breath;
(2) the legs and waist;
(3) the arms; and
(4) unifying the connections within the practitioner both externally and (5) internally.

“Standing builds the foundation for successfully learning all the other advanced methods of qigong and internal martial arts. Further, standing creates the context to move chi at will.” Bruce

According to Taoist cosmology, the Five Elements are in effect the five energies that comprise the energy matrix in the universe. Hsing-i’s Pi Chuan (Chopping/Splitting Fist) technique is linked to the metal element.

Pi Chuan’s focus is to make the spine extremely strong and the hands as hard as steel. It is also considered a powerful health system because it builds chi and enables energy to flow correctly in the body


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