Howard Tiano – Offline Cash Blueprints

Peter Parks & Andrew Fox – DNA Wealth Blueprint 2.0

Howard Tiano – Offline Cash Blueprints

Howard Tiano – Offline Cash Blueprints

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll discover in this 11 module training course AND toolkit…

How To Sell, Package, Price and Outsource common services outside of your personal skill set, so even MORE revenue streams can be rolled out quickly and confidently.

Copy and paste outsourcing posts allow you to find the best candidates , quickly filtering out those who don’t follow instructions, saving you time, aggravation, and unhappy clients due to poor results from crappy work.

Immediately free up your valuable time to focus on finding more clients and bringing in more deposits daily, rather than spending time doing low value tasks.

Task Terminator System for each service gives simple, road-tested and proven blueprints which streamline the workflow, minimize errors and deliver results for your client with very little work on your part.

My Five-To-One Methodology will have you building your crack virtual team quickly, without the drawn out and frustrating process of trying one at a time.

Hosting provided for all media, from training videos to PDFs so the links in your blueprints are ready to use, saving hours of time downloading and link swapping.

Swipe files, checklists and spreadsheets included to speed up the process, allowing for faster results.

My 4-step proven system for qualifying the contractors and weeding out the scammers, so you can quickly get quality work at the best price – without the headaches!

How to Get paid month after month like clockwork providing continuity-based services, like SEO and Pay Per Click management.

How to manage several clients’ Adwords accounts with ease, using special tools that let you manage bids and see split test winners on a massive scale!

Adwords campaign builder software to create effective campaigns on a grand scale in a fraction of the usual time.

Includes instructions using FREE tools, so you can get the job done without any additional expense. (For faster results, training using paid tools also included.)

Task training videos and PDFs incorporating the latest methods working NOW, and tweaked to perfection so you can save the time and headache trying to learn all this yourself and get top quality work from your outsourcers.

Custom Power Tracking Tool for Google Analytics will let you create hundreds of tracking links in the same time it takes to create ONE with Google’s tool!

Creates a business that’s a more valuable asset when it comes time to sell it, with already proven systems and processes in place for the new owner!

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