How to Make the Cash Register Ring – Drayton Bird

Drayton Bird - How to Make the Cash Register Ring

[center][b]Drayton Bird – How to Make the Cash Register Ring[/b][/center] Drayton Bird on How to Make the Cash Register Ring

Have you ever wondereed..
…how to get ideas?
…how incentives work and which work best?
…what should go on (or inside) an envelope?
…how long copy should be?
…how many pieces should a mailing have?
…when gimmicks work?
…which emails pull best?
…how a television commercial works?
..which parts of a layout people look at?
…how you convince people you are really good?

In this two DVD set, Drayton gives you the answers with examples. You’ll see a seemingly endless parade of no less than 47 cases and examples from all business financial, automotive, retail, travel, publishing, drink, IT, mail order speciality, charity, agriculture, property even babysitting!

Drayton has been there and done it. Only a fool would ignore his experiences. Paul Dunn, Nielsen Media. Plan your creative better, Brief others (or yourself) better, Think up better ideas, Write better, Judge design better, Evaluate creative better.

“Everything it promised to be..and more.
Critical information for anyone involved in marketing.”
Joanna Johnson, Euromoney plc
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