How to Make Cash Fast When You REALLY NEED IT – Rob Jones

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How to Make Cash Fast When You REALLY NEED IT - Rob Jones

How to Make Cash Fast When You REALLY NEED IT – Rob Jones


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In module #3, I demonstrate the 3rd technique LIVE, spending less than an hour, and I have $500 in my PayPal account the next day.


Hello. I really like the fact you made a video and exposed yourself this way, it makes people believe and trust you.
I’m planning to buy this this week, hope I won’t regret.

As for the question above, that you said the 4th and 5th method are more for short-term, how much money are we talking about in average?
Thanks! Just so you know, all 5 methods are meant to make fast cash. As some of the reviewers have mentioned, methods 1-3 can easily be used to continue to create income on a regular basis.

Now, I don’t really like to make any income claims, because it depends so much on you, but all of these methods are approached from the angle of making cash in one week or less. That doesn’t mean you’re limited to one week however.

Okay, so depending on your personal situation, you might be able to make $20, $50, $500 or 1000s of dollars with methods 4 and 5, but again, it depends on your situation. Honestly, I don’t use methods 4 or 5 much lately, but if I needed cash super fast, and I didn’t have a lot of experience in internet marketing, I would turn to them. They are tried and tested. I prefer methods 1 and 2 the most though.

Many people will prefer to implement method 3 right away. In the course, I show you an example of me implementing method 3 live. You get to watch over my shoulder as I make $500 overnight after spending about an hour of my time(including filming the videos for the course). There is a bit of follow up work the next day, but you get paid up front. You can even outsource this method very, very easily.

By the way, method 1 is my favorite, and hint, hint, I’m using one Part 10 of Module 1 right now.

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