How To Get Rich: One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets

How To Get Rich: One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets

How To Get Rich: One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets

This is a great read and well worth the time to re-visit it from time to
time. Felix will inspire you as well as save you a lot of headaches if
you heed the advice. Like most of the threads I create. This is for building
empires that stand the test of time, not this “nickle and dime” adsense and
wso bullshit you see flooded all over the place. You want to make real bank?
Well, start thinking like an entrepreneur. – Non Conformer

“I went from being a pauper—a hippie dropout on welfare living in a
crummy room without the proverbial pot to piss in, without even the
money to pay the rent, without a clue as to what to do next—to being
rich. And I am certainly no business genius, as my rivals will happily
and swiftly confirm. Yet the odd thing is, I’ve ended up far richer than
most of my rivals.” So says publishing magnate Felix Dennis in his
book, How to Get Rich: One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares
His Secrets.

It’s not traditional dialogue for a business book, but Felix’s
path to building a publishing empire wasn’t exactly traditional.
Dennis, the founder of Maxim, started out as a college dropout and went
on to become one of the 100 richest individuals in the U.K. HOW TO GET
RICH highlights his experience building the businesses that generated
his substantial wealth and provides aspiring entrepreneurs with advice
on how they can become really rich themselves.

Dennis is not only renowned for his business savvy, but for his
refreshing candor as well. The no-nonsense delivery of his insights
throughout HOW TO GET RICH makes it not only informative, but
thoroughly engaging and entertaining as well.

Here are some of Dennis’ declarations from HOW TO GET RICH
* On Luck – “My advice concerning luck is to laugh in the face of the
Lady when she presents herself. Take what you will of her bounty and act
swiftly to take advantage of good fortune. But never thank her for it.
And forget her the moment she leaves to seek another victim.”

* On the Importance of Ownership – “Never, never, never, never hand
over a single share of anything you have acquired or created if you can
help it. Nothing. Not one share. To no one. No matter what the
reason—unless you genuinely have to.”

* On Delegation Being Key – “Let me put it this way. The work
undertaken by your colleagues and employees is more important than your
work. Your job is merely to lead, perhaps just to point in the right

* On Hiring – “Human capital is by far the most important element of
your environment, whether you are just starting up or deep into the
game. By focusing hard on obtaining that human capital you will vastly
increase your chances of becoming rich. Stupid people are easy to hire.
The world is full of stupid people. Many of them are extremely pleasant
and will give you a lovely smile every morning. But such people will not
add to your wealth. In the early days, you should avoid them like the
bubonic plague. What you need are clever, cunning, and adept people.”

* On What it Takes to Get Rich – “The truth is that getting rich means
sacrifice. And the worst of it is, it isn’t always you that’s doing the
sacrificing. You must get used to that, or give up the quest. This is
not a calling for the fainthearted. There is no shame in turning away.
After all, if everyone was prepared to make the necessary sacrifices,
who would be left to work for my own companies?”

These quotes are just a sample of the straightforward and practical
advice that Dennis offers readers. The combination of Dennis’ business
savvy, experience, and candor provides entrepreneurs with the tools and
insights needed to embark on their own journey to amassing immense
wealth. As Dennis says, “Let’s get rich!”
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