Henry Gold – The Copywriting Secret

Henry Gold - The Copywriting Secret

Henry Gold - The Copywriting Secret

Henry Gold – The Copywriting Secret

It’s true that every marketer who knows the copywriting secret, can literally CRUSH their competitors, every single time, whenever they choose…

The Biggest Secret

How to HACK Into Any Business You Want
With This Powerful Secret Weapon…

From: Henry Gold
Northern Massachusetts
Tuesday, 7:59 am

Dear Friend,

I have no clue how in the world you came to my website.

Maybe it’s just pure luck that you came across this site.
Maybe it’s because someone invited you to come to this site.
Maybe it’s because you’re just curious about what the copywriting secret really is.

Regardless of how you came across my site, I would like to ask you some very serious questions…

You’ve heard about the sales letter.
You’ve heard about the back-end sales page.
You’ve heard about the upsell sales page.
You may also have heard that marketers are using video on their websites.
You may also have heard that marketers are using audio on their websites.
You may also have heard that marketers are using teleseminars on their websites.

Do you know the truth?
Do you know the real truth?
Do you know what the copywriting secret is all about?

It’s not the sales letter.
It’s not the ad in print.
It’s not any of that at all.
In fact, this is exactly why most marketers have FAILED.

They misunderstand the concepts.

Many people say that they hate long copy, and they prefer short copy.
Many people say that they hate plain letters and they want a beautiful graphic website.

Whether your sales copy is short or long…

The definition of it is “Sales Letter”.

It means that it is a letter.

A letter can be long. It can be short. Most important is the information that people will receive when they read it.

This is exactly how a sales letter work.

No need for beautiful graphics.
No need to worry whether your website is long or short.

The most important thing is…

It should served your main purpose on what you are trying to accomplish.

As long as you make your copywriting skills serve that way, regardless of what you are trying to sell, it will always work.

“How About Utilizing Video or Audio?”
How about utilizing infomercials?
How about utilizing cold calling?
How about utilizing teleseminars?
How about utilizing one-on-one presentations?

Well, before I go further into this…

I want you to understand what the copywriting secret really is.

It’s no longer sales copy.
It’s way beyond what many copywriters may have taught you in the past.
It’s the presentation.
It’s the power of conversion.

Can the power of conversion work with video?
Can the power of conversion work with Audio?
Can the power of conversion work with teleseminars?
Can the power of conversion work in person?


In fact, let me explain how the power of conversion really works with the “Money Flow Chart”…

When you see how the “money flow chart” really works, there is NO sales copy inside the money flow chart.

It is basically telling you that if you send “targeted visitors” into the “conversion” process, they will convert into sales.

In other words, you can use any form of media, including talking with a targeted person on the street. That person can give you his money in exchange for a product or service that you are selling.

This is what the “money flow chart” is all about.

As long as you keep in mind how the “money flow chart” really works, you can convert anything that you want into sales.

How does it work?

Let me tell you about an experience I had when I was on my four month vacation in California.

I went to a dinner show in San Francisco, called Zinzanni. Even though I was enjoying the food and the show, what surprised me was the $4,000 that I received from the power of the “Money Flow Chart”.

During that dinner show, I sat down with a doctor, who was telling me that he wanted to quit his job of 70 hours a week, so he could spend more time with his family. I asked him to call my office tomorrow, and fill out a questionnaire form. Within two hours, he handed me $4,000.00. It wasn’t bad for couple hours of conversion work.

How is that possible?

Look at the money flow chart. The doctor was targeted. I used the “8 Components of the copywriting secret” in the form of talking in person to convert him into a sale.

Did I tell him to read my sales copy?
Did I tell him to watch my video or teleseminar?

Absolutely NOT!

In fact, I have tested the copywriting secret in the form of one-on-one presentations many times in the offline world, where I’ve had many people pay me $2,000 per hour, just to consult with me. This is exactly why I have clients from real estate, retail, clothing, spa, health, weight loss, grocery, resale rights, and more.

I know about the power of conversion.

I know that as long as I hold on to the power of conversion, I can convert anything I want into sales.

This is what I call, “The Copywriting Secret”.

“The Copywriting Secret” has NOTHING to do with sales copy.
“The Copywriting Secret” has NOTHING to do with headline.
“The Copywriting Secret” has NOTHING to do with pricing.
“The Copywriting Secret” has NOTHING to do with products.


It has something to do with the power of conversion. (Not just the conversion ideas you may have learned about in the past)

It must be very specific.

It must be extremely powerful to convert someone, with any media, without worrying whether it is working or not.

It is so powerful that you do NOT even need to be concerned with where technology is heading in the future, as long as your business is focused around the “Four Modules” we are going to share with you, it is going to sell no matter what.

In fact, you do NOT need to know any traffic generation systems, such as: search engine optimzation, PPC, Google adwords, banner advertising, email advertising, viral markting, joint ventures, and much more.

Furthermore, you do NOT need to worry about the new technology that has been storming the Internet business world, such as: youtube.com, podcasting, google adsense, blog, myspace.com, and more.

It??s way too confusing.

It’s NOT even necessary for you to know any of these.

Technology is changing all the time.

New strategies are being created almost every single day.

If you’re trying to keep up with all the new technology that keep popping up all the time, there is no way you will be able to run your business successfully.

This is why “The Copywriting Secret” is so important.

We’ve simplfied the process…

We’ve cut away all the hype, and have broken it down into a step-by-step guide.

This is why we have divided it into “Four Powerful Modules”…

Each module is very unique.

It is divided into a step-by-step system.

The steps that are extremely easy to follow.

Once you follow the steps, you will be amazed at how easy it is for you to set-up a successful business online.

Instead of only focusing on copywriting, we’ve focused MORE into teaching you to build a successful business.

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