Hellinger – Moving With The Spirit Mind

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Hellinger - Moving With The Spirit Mind

Hellinger – Moving With The Spirit Mind

Author: Hellinger
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Owing to the wide demands by many people of different countries, it has become clear to me that there is a widespread interest to learn more about my newest insights and experiences about family constellations. Therefore, I have decided to offer them the opportunity to learn them directly from me.

I offer an intensive learning program in English togehter with my wife Sophie at the Intensiv Training-Camp´s on Advanced Family Constellations, the High Art of Family Constellations, Moving with the Spirit-Mind.

In moving with the Spirit-Mind, I begin a constellation with 1 or 2 persons, often including he client. These persons may stand alone or opposite one another. They center themselves. After a while, they are moved by an inner force that they cannot resist. In this way, a movement begins with very little external intervention and without anything being said, either by them or by the helper.

The movements that occur are very slow. As hey come to a close, they bring together what had been separated or excluded before. If they are permitted their full time, the movements are in the service of healing.

During this workshops, Bert Hellinger will introduce the participants to this advanced way of doing family constellations. He will demonstrate the process by working with concrete issues. Afterwards, he will explain the procedure in detail. During he sessions, the participants are helped by exercises and meditations to experience and recognize the movements of the Spirit-Mind in themselves and in reference to their clients.

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