Heal Your Gut Summit 2016

Heal Your Gut Summit 2016

Heal Your Gut Summit 2016

Heal Your Gut Summit 2016

Name Product: Heal Your Gut Summit 2016
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Your gut is the cornerstone of true health, which is why Dr. Josh Axe, Donna Gates and Dr. Eric Zielinski have gathered together more than 30 gut health experts from around the globe to share the evidence-based tools you need to regain control of your health!

Attend the Heal Your Gut Summit and learn how to naturally address:

Allergies & Food Sensitivities
Autoimmune Disorders
Brain Fog Cancer
Candida & Chronic Yeast Overgrowth
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Pain
Depression & Anxiety
Hormone Imbalance
Inflammatory Disorders
Irritable Bowel & Leaky Gut Syndrome
Skin Conditions
Thyroid Problems
Weight Gain

Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS
5 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut
Learn what damages the gut lining and causes leaky gut
Eating the most healing foods to address leaky gut
Best supplements and lifestyle habits to practice

Donna Gates, MEd, ABAAHP
Secrets to Overcome Candida & Yeast
How to do a candida cleanse
Best supplements to eliminate yeast
Why clearing candida is essential to healing leaky gut

Eric L. Zielinski, DC, MPH©
Public Health Perspective on Gut Health & Essential Oils
Top 3 gut-related diseases that must be addressed by public health
What the research says about gut health and essential oils
Key ways essential oils affect gut health

Sayer Ji
Healing the Gut with Herbal Remedies & Surprising Foods
Research on new herbs proven to heal the gut
Top “healthy foods” destroying your gut probiotics
How probiotics affect the brain and body

Amy Myers, MD
How to Overcome Autoimmune Disease by Healing the Digestive Tract
Worst foods triggering leaky gut and autoimmunity
The ideal diet to stop autoimmune disease in its tracts
Cutting edge science behind how to heal your microbiome

Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP
Getting to The Root Cause of Thyroid Disease
Debunk common theories about the causes of thyroid problems
Eliminate confusion between thyroid and adrenal symptoms
Thyroid protocol to improve energy, libido and your hair!

Shelena Lalji, MD
Go with Your Gut: Balance Hormones, Shed Weight & Increase Libido
Simple secret to healthy hormones, moods and weight fluctuations
Understanding your thyroid’s role in keeping you pain-free
Strategies and food choices that can undo leaky gut

Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN
End Hormone Havoc: The Gut Hormone Connection
Identify habits that throw off hormone balance
Undo gut damage to improve thyroid, adrenal and pancreatic function
Healthier hormones for weight loss, more energy and mental clarity

Raphael Kellman, MD
Healing the Microbiome & Thyroid Can Heal Gastrointestinal Illness
Could your thyroid be inhibiting your healing from gut dysbiosis?
How your microbiome helps turn on your good genes
Your thyroid’s influence on inflammation, cells and hormones

Jessie Hawkins, PhD©, MA
Pediatric Gut Health: Why it Matters and How Herbs & Oils Can Help
How infant gut health will determine health into adulthood
Natural alternatives to gut-impacting pharmaceuticals
3-step approach to preserving the microbiome from pharmaceuticals

Ty Bollinger
Boost Immunity with Gut-Immune-Cancer Connection
Best diet to activate immunity at the gut level
Amazing herbs and supplements to boost immunity
How to beat cancer at the gut level

Webster Kehr
Preventing Cancer at the Cellular Level in the Gut
What causes cancer at the cellular level
How the gut can weaken the immune system and lead to cancer
Cancer treatments never talked about that could save your life

Peter Osborne, DC
Stop the Grainflammation Cycle: End Pain & Autoimmune Issues
Decrease risk of cancer and infertility by addressing food intolerances
Factors contributing to a leaky gut and an autoimmune response
How to live pain-free without water retention, weight gain and fatigue

Chris Wark
Focusing on Gut Health to Beat Cancer
Hear how a cancer death sentence radically changes your life
Beat cancer by focusing on gut health and immune repair
Chris shares exactly what he did to beat cancer!

Jonathan Landsman
The Oral-Gut Health Connection
Lies from the pharmaceutical companies that are keeping you sick
How to detox to improve digestion
Revolutionary herbs for reducing gut inflammation

Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DABFMHow to Heal Fast by Cleansing Your Colon & Liver
Lies from the pharmaceutical companies that are keeping you sick
How to detox to improve digestion
Revolutionary herbs for reducing gut inflammation

Leo Galland, MD
Why Your Allergies Could Be Signaling Bigger Problems
Why your microbiome (gut) matters
Beneficial bacteria to increase health and longevity
Learn about the bacteria found in naturally lean people

Wardee Harmon
Reversing Seasonal Allergies in the Gut
How allergies start in the gut
Why a traditional food “healthy diet” isn’t enough
Practical tips for fermenting foods

Summer Bock
How to Rebuild Your Digestive System
Why stress may be the #1 cause of leaky gut
Healthy recipe ideas to restore your digestive health
The power of fermented foods

Jordan Rubin
Beyond Probiotics to Heal the Gut
Key microbes that heal the gut
How to overcome inflammatory bowel disease
How medicinal mushrooms can boost your immunity

David Perlmutter, MD
Heal Your Gut by Going Grain Free
Cure most skin and brain conditions by healing the gut
Most ignored “Silent symptoms” of poor gut health
Functional nutrition approach to restore whole body balance

Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN
Your Brain on Gluten: The Shocking Connection
Understand the gut’s very important role in neurological health
Is gluten putting you at risk for pathogens, inflammation and dementia?
Why gluten could be the culprit that’s affecting reproductive health

Trudy Scott, CN
Healing Anxiety Through the Gut
Psychobiotics and their role in anxiety and depression
How to supplement with targeted amino acids to boost neurotransmitters
Importance of a nutrient-dense diet for gut health

Jill Carnahan, MD, MD, ABFM, ABIHM, IFMCP
Mind-Altering Microbes: Change Your Gut, Change Your Brain
Discover the root cause of illness with a Functional Medicine approach
Is your gut health affecting brain inflammation and depression?
Feed your gut to boost diversity and thrive

David Jockers, DC, CNS
Gut-Brain-Skin Axis
Cure most skin and brain conditions by healing the gut
Most ignored “Silent symptoms” of poor gut health
Functional nutrition approach to restore whole body balance

Steven Wright
How the SCD Diet Can Heal Your Digestive Tract
How to beat gas and bloating
Why digestive enzymes are your best friend
The ideal diet for healing leaky gut

Mike Mutzel, MS
Gut Health for Fat Loss, Metabolic Health & Inflammation Reduction
How nutrition impacts gut hormones and your metabolism
Natural nutrients and good bacteria that stimulate gut hormones
Find out if you have this very important gene for great gut health

Brian Mowll, DC, CDE, IFMCP
How to Lose Weight by Improving Digestive Health
Best supplements for improving insulin and cortisol
Why sugar is your gut’s worst enemy
Top tips for losing weight by focusing first on digestion

Kellyann Petrucci, MS, ND
Slim Down, Burn Fat and Lose Weight by Balancing Your Microbiome
Two hidden reasons why people can’t lose weight and are chronically ill
Eating food according to your nutritional blueprint
Heal your gut with bone broth in just 21 days!

Janice Joneja, PhD, RD
Nutritional Solutions to Recover from Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Is your diet creating an immune system response?
Genetics and stress in IBS and how to alleviate the symptoms
Learn about the best nutritional approach for IBS pain

James Maskell, CEO Evolution of Medicine
A Tale of Two Ecologies: Yours and the Planet’s
Why the future of health requires community, not just medicine
Your role in the new, emerging integrative model for healing
What microbes can teach us about ourselves and our planet

Gerard Mullin, MD
A Happier Gut: The Gut Balance Revolution & Diet Roadmap
Best dietary plan for IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s Disease and SIBO
Prevent metabolic syndrome when you befriend beneficial bacteria
Surprising key to optimal health, weight, digestion and more!

Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS
What You Must Know About Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
Learn about SIBO, how to tell if you have it or are at risk
Why antibiotics might not be the best choice for treating SIBO
Key protocol for to improve brain function and fix the gut

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS
The #1 Cause of GERD, Gas, Bloating, Indigestion & Weight Gain
Correct the tummy glitch known as “The Great Masquerader”
Develop the superpower of gargling to reset the vagus nerve
Banish constipation, nausea, hemorrhoids and parasites forever

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na)
Healing Your Gut with Homeopathy
Learn about homoeopathy and how it relates to all gut disorders
Critical dos and don’ts of homeopathy
Easy-to-use homeopathic remedies for the 10 common gut issues

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