Group Attraction Manifesto by Mehow

Group Attraction Manifesto by Mehow

Group Attraction Manifesto by Mehow

Group Attraction Manifesto by Mehow

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Author: Mehow
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That’s the Power of Group Attraction! And soon, it will be yours.
On each full color page you will discover, tactic after tactic to effortlessly win over large groups of beautiful women.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you are about to discover:
* How to Sarge Without a Target and Give Women an Optimal Emotional Experience Fast!
* How to Naturally “Bend” Reality and Attract Women Almost Magically!
* The Secret to Creating a Massive Attraction in Just 90 Seconds!
* Steps to Easily Become the Super Positive, Dominate Male Every Woman Wants!
* The Difference Between Group Attraction and Target Attraction. And Why You Need to Know!
* Powerful Group Attraction Tactics You Can Apply to Day Game With Ease!
* How To Effortlessly Merge Group Attraction with Direct and Indirect Opening Styles. For Maximum Flexibility!

Plus, I’ll reveal to you:
* Practice Techniques That Will Make You into a Master of Seduction – Automatically!
* Keys To Attracting and Seducing Women Who are Younger than You. It’s Easier than You Think!
* The 3 Things You Must Do When Addressing a Group of Women. Skip Any One Item at Your Own Risk!

Dynamics of Natural Attraction

Now, don’t let this term scare you for what I am about to reveal to you is amazingly effect, and yet so incredibly simple and child could use it!

The DNA code is a shortcut process to evaluate, and predict the underlying attraction taking place during ALL human interaction!

Within just a few minutes you will have the spectacular ability to visually see, forecast, and understand with crystal clear clarity:
* How Attraction Is REALLY Created!
* How You Can Effortlessly Turbo-Charge the Entire Natural Attraction Process!
* How to Maintain, and Control Attraction at Any Level- Like the Volume on a Stereo!

Armed with this groundbreaking knowledge, you will be able to
Fearlessly Approach Women and Get the Precise Result You Wanted and Predicted
Just imagine the possibilities.
Once you harness the power of the DNA Code, the laws of attraction will be at your finger tips, as you discover:
* The “Timing Secret” that Governs All Human Interaction. Learn It and Control Your Love Life!
* How to Attract on Multiple Channels at Once. To Get Astonishingly Quick Results
* The Secret to Using Eye Contact to Silently Develop Deep Attraction and Dominance with Any Woman!
* An Overlooked Sub-Communication Tactic that Blows Away All the Rest!
How to Develop a Thorough Understand of the True Multi-Channel Nature of Human Desire.
* How to Create Unbelievable Relationships!
* The Cognitive Dissonance Effect. and Why You Need to Know it!
* The Secret to Escalate Physically With Any Woman – Faster than You Ever Imagined!
* The Law of Automatic Compliance. Master this and Women Will Always Agree to Your Desires!
* The Simplest Way to Sub-Communicate Massive Dominance and Pique Attraction!
* And More!

With one easy step, after another, you will discover:
* How To Create An Incredibly Compelling Reality That Sucks Women In Like A Magnet!
* How to Choose the Right Attraction Technique!
* The Single Best Exercise to Master Escalation. Allowing You to Escalate With Any Woman, Anytime!
* The Critical Element Every Guy Must Obtain to Master Pick-Up!
* How Master the Structure of Group Attraction. Step-by-Step!
* How to Master 4 Different Opening Styles. and When to Use Them!
* A Simple Adjustment Anyone Can Make And Build Attraction Faster!
* The Nine Ways Group Attraction Works in Your Favor. Along With the Easiest Way to Master Them All!
* The Precise Way to Sequence Your Interaction with Women for Maximum Results!
* And more!
* Qualities Women Look For That You Can Use Tactically Deliver To Create Attraction Within Just Minutes!
* The Most Powerful and Most Covert “Opener” Known to Man!
* Kino-Pinging and How to Use it the “Right” Way!
* The Only Type of Compliment You Should Ever Use In Pick-Up Regardless of Everything You Have Be Told Before!
* How to Reduce Your Practice Time While Still Getting Almost Magical Results!
* The Exact Methods, Routines, and Tactics to Become a Natural Player with Powerful Abilities Over Women!
* A Complete Roadmap to Master the Skills of Pick-Up Intuitively!
* A Special Technique to Achieve the Ideal Pick-Up Mindset. in Just 30 Seconds!
* Never Before Revealed Drills To Help You To Achieve Jaw-Dropping Results Quickly and Effortlessly!
* The “Success Effect” and How You Can Give Yourself an Edge in the Field!
* And Much, Much More!

More here’s where things get REALLY exciting.
Individually, the Group Attraction Manifesto tactics will deliver you serious results.
But why just use one powerful tactic when you can combine:
* My Coveted Pure Kino Tactics
* The Surefire Group Attraction Methods
* And the Breakthrough DNA Code
* How To Effortlessly Develop “Attraction Superpowers” and Still Be You!
* Use Nothing Other than Improvised Banter to Generate Massive Attraction Within Minutes!
* How To Spontaneously Calibrate in the Field to Create Your Own Unique Routines!
* How to Be the Guy Every Women Dreams of. Without Manipulation!
* How to Naturally Attract Women in Any Venue, Anytime!
* How to Sarge without Stacks or Routines. and Still Get Surefire Results!

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