Groove3 – Cubase 7 Tips & Tricks – Vol. 1 (2013)

Groove3 - Cubase 7 Tips & Tricks - Vol. 1 (2013)

Tutorial: Groove3 – Cubase 7 Tips & Tricks – Vol. 1 (2013)

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Cubase 7 is a complete overhaul of Steinberg’s powerful DAW. Are you ready to learn some cool tips and tricks? Cubase 7 master Mark Struthers opens up his bag and gives you 20 tips and tricks about version 7 that will help your productivity, creativity and workflow in this amazing DAW. Mark begins with an introduction video welcoming you to the series and talks about what to expect. Then Mark starts the tips and trick videos off with tutorials about creating user templates, project formats, the GUI and Overview Pane, editing Channel Settings and window behaviors. Next up are tutorials about Workspaces, using track images, customizing the inspector, track options, using chord tracks and adjusting the Transport Panel. Mark then reveals interesting tips about displaying effects, using dynamic tempo for realism, groove copy, the Mix Console and generating vocal harmonies. The series is completed with videos covering converting audio to MIDI, export options, cleaning up your sessions and backing them up, as well as how to deal with latency issues and more.

01. Introduction 07m:55s
02. Creating User Templates 09m:07s
03. Project Format Defaults 09m:22s
04. GUI & Overview Pane 06m:40s
05. Edit Channel Settings 10m:17s
06. Always on Top 06m:04s
07. Workspaces 06m:58s
08. Using Track Images 05m:08s
09. Customizing the Inspector 07m:51s
10. Track Options 06m:29s
11. Using Chord Track 06m:27s
12. Adjusting the Transport Panel 05m:53s
13. Displaying Effects 04m:12s
14. Dynamic Tempo for Realism 07m:45s
15. Groove Copy 07m:24s
16. Introducing Mix Console 06m:59s
17. Adapting Mix Console 04m:08s
18. Generate Harmony Voices 05m:32s
19. Audio to MIDI 04m:53s
20. Exporting Options 05m:34s
21. Clean & Back Up 06m:11s
22. Final Tips 15m:57s


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