Greatest Hits Mastermind By Affplaybook 2015

Greatest Hits Mastermind By Affplaybook 2015

Greatest Hits Mastermind By Affplaybook 2015 [1 mp4] | Size: 3.98 GB

Successful affiliates, network owners, and traffic sources all happy to share their advice and help you grow your business.
Tons of recent success stories, frequent contests, live webinars, and more.
The forum is a very active community that people love to be a part of. Read about others success, laugh at the goofiness in the off topic section, make friends and network with successful people in the industry. My name is David Ford – I’m the owner and founder of Aff Playbook. I got my start in affiliate marketing over 10 years ago when I was working an IT support job. It was a good job, but I was bored and had no opportunity to increase my income. I started looking for ways to make extra money and soon after found myself doing affiliate marketing. Within a year I was making 3x my ‘real’ job’s salary. I quit my job, and never looked back.
Over the years, I’ve been successful across many traffic sources and niches. I’ve consulted for companies, created my own products, and coached thousands of affiliates. In 2009 I started Aff Playbook as a way to offer coaching and interact with other affiliates. If you’re interested, you can read more about me here.
My goal with the forum is to help you build a successful affiliate business. Over the years I’ve seen so many affiliates who make a ton of money, but end up broke because they didn’t think long term. My approach involves building your business so you don’t have to sit and babysit campaigns all day, or have all your income wiped out overnight. Don’t worry, I still teach how to build high income campaigns, but as part of your well diversified affiliate business. This is really what separates Aff Playbook from other resources.
I really love running the forum, and I think it shows. I’m in there every single day answering questions and interacting with members. Aff Playbook has a great reputation in the industry, which directly benefits members. There are numerous affiliate networks who post in the forum and help members out. Affiliate networks often tell me how they love getting Aff Playbook members as affiliates because they have the knowledge to be successful.

Designed to help you succeed!
Aff Playbook has more success stories than anyone
Inside the forum, you’ll find:
Step by step lessons, case studies, and tips on popular traffic sources like PPV, PPC, Facebook, Plenty Of Fish, Mobile and more.
SEO strategies, link building, niche sites, authority sites, datafeed sites, and plenty of other long term strategies.
Lessons and guides focused on product and offer creation. Learn how to get started creating your own products or offers.
Lessons on building landing pages, implementing code, & tracking. We also have free landing page templates and code samples ready to use.
Business and productivity advice. Learn how to run your business for maximum profit and scalability.

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