Glenn Osborn – Heroin on Paper NLP in Print Manual

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Glenn Osborn - Heroin on Paper NLP in Print Manual

Glenn Osborn – Heroin on Paper NLP in Print Manual

Dear frustrated writer & entrepreneur,

NLP is THE missing ingredient in 99% of writing today. Like HOT pepper it packs a WALLOP!

Romance novelists sell 40% of ALL books. They use NLP words. Tons of them. Like basket weavers or composers of rock or classical music. NLP is layered thru what the best writers in ANY field do today.

Claude Hopkins – the Father of modern advertising – paced the streets to come up with many of the NLP methods used today.

# NLP Grabbers & Free samples. Claude did it first. BEFORE mailing lists existed!
# ADDED Value – Claude did it BIG – 1st. He sold entire RAIL Road cars of beef fat – using pictures of a pie. He out-sold his entire sales force. Read his 2 books. Great stories.

He sold beer and liquor. Claude sold all kinds of medicines with ads. He sold collectibles and antiques. Newspapers and ideas. Gold and silver coins, no doubt.

Claude invented and created an entire new way of selling carpet sweepers. He used NLP stories to sell ROMANCE. He didn’t sell boring facts. Claude told where the woods – used to make the sweepers – came from. Far off India. Unloaded with Elephants.

Claude legally bribed shop keepers to pay in advance. Forced them thru greed to market using his proven methods. NLP genius of the highest order.

A mentor who is alive today and has amassed a few hundred million dollars. Guarantees to increase attendees sales by 25% or refund their money. He also – SAYS, “You Cannot Succeed Today without NLP.”

#1 – What ‘s inside this One-of-a-kind-NLP Manual? Powerful, addictive proven NLP. Trance Lock words, phrases, ads I use to beat all my client ‘s ads.

Over 500 pages of them!

The first 25 pages ALONE are worth the price. (Three NLP ads that have grossed 100 million dollars each. Plus 500 pages of ads in many industry categories – each proven to have grossed six figures – Case Study examples of clients & buyers who made big money beating their own and competitors best ads.
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