Gauher Chaudhry – Pay Per View Formula 3.0

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Gauher Chaudhry - Pay Per View Formula 3.0

Gauher Chaudhry – Pay Per View Formula 3.0

A few years ago I had a conversation with an affiliate manager that had a huge impact on my online marketing career.  He told me that there were affiliates on the network that were making an obscene amount of money every single day.

He wasn’t sure how they were doing it,  but he knew that they would lose up to $5,000 before lunch and end up making $15,000 the rest of the day.

After doing some of my own research, I found out that they were doing these crazy numbers with pay per view traffic.  If you are not familiar with pay per view traffic, it is traffic that is generated by adware applications.

Users download these adware applications and use them for free, but only after accepting that the occasional pop-up advertisement will appear.

There is so much PPV traffic available today, you could easily get over 1,000,000 visitors in just one day.

Now back to my story.

What these affiliates were doing was what I call the “Throw and Stick” strategy, where you rotate a variety of different CPA offers against the PPV traffic and watch which ones are profitable.

You then shut down the unprofitable offers and send all the traffic to the offer that generates the highest earnings-per-view (EPV) and make money.

Pretty simple concept.

But not many people are willing to spend $5,000 in just few short hours to find a winner. Smart marketers realize that the $5,000 is an investment in data to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Pay Per View traffic is probably the best traffic to quickly test offers with because you don’t have to create any ads, landing pages or deal with any quality score issues.

You can directly link to affiliate offers and track which offers make you a profit.

This is how I pretty much approach all the PPV campaigns I build and continue to look for offers that I think can give me a better EPV.

I have prepared a new intro to PPV marketing report that I believe will benefit you if you are looking to get into the PPV game.

Click Here For The Free Pay Per View Report

I will be relaunching Pay Per View Formula 3.0 at the end of the month for people who are interested in getting more advanced PPV training and access to PPV tools.


Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry

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