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FROM: Emilis “Emka” Strimaitis (a.k.a. The Conversion Junkie)
RE: How to increase sales using the revolutionary WP Plugin called FunnelKit

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Let me ask you a couple quick questions:

Are you interested in growing an extremely responsive list, quickly – just like the Top 5% of Internet Marketing Gurus do every day?

Do you want to passively convert more opt-ins into passionate buyers – drastically increasing the effectiveness of your efforts and marketing budget?

Would you like access to an intuitive, massively customizable WordPress Plugin that will totally transform the way you run your online business?

If you answered YES! to all three questions, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you can achieve insane opt-in rates as high as 84.4%…

…without a huge budget or having to master yet another ridiculously complicated WordPress interface.

Here’s the deal:

The average conversion rate for a squeeze page is anywhere between 2% to 15%.

That means…

For Every 100 Prospects Who Visit Your Page,
Only 2 to 15 People Will Join Your List


A 15% opt-in rate isn’t necessarily a bad result.

In fact, a lot of internet marketers would sacrifice their first born child for a consistent 15% conversion rate.

But what if I told you that you could easily ramp up your conversion rates to as high as 84.4%, 74.3%, 81.5% and 77.2% like clockwork? (Yes, those are 100% real numbers).

Just imagine how many hot leads and potential profits you’re leaving on the table, because you don’t have the proven tools to maximize your advertising efforts.

It’s almost criminal.

Actually, It IS Criminal

For instance…

Let’s say you buy a package of 500 solo ad clicks and send prospects to your squeeze page.

Solo ads usually sell for around $0.4 cents per click.

So 500 clicks would cost you $200.

With a squeeze page that’s converting at 30% (which is pretty much out of reach without the right tools,) you would end up getting 150 new subscribers on your list.

And you would pay $1.33 per subscriber.


If you created a squeeze page using a system that’s proven to convert at a whopping 84.4%, you could potentially produce 422 hot, new subscribers on your list…

…paying only $0.47 PER SUBSCRIBER to boot.

Let me spell it out for you:

You Could Build Your List THREE TIMES FASTER With The Same Amount of Traffic… Almost THREE TIMES CHEAPER

How would you like to easily duplicate my list-building-success?

The bigger question is:

Are You Ready to BECOME A PART
of the Top 5% of Successful Internet Marketers?

After all…

When you build your list like the pros do (and you’re sending prospects to a proven sales page,) your income will grow faster than you’re able to spend (although I’m sure it’ll be fun to try.)

Because the money REALLY IS IN THE LIST.

But before I go any further…

Let me quickly introduce myself:

My name is Emka.

I’ve been profitably playing the internet marketing game since 2008.

I’ve also been making a great living as a programming and graphic design expert for almost 11 years now.

Ever since I started internet marketing, I’ve become obsessed with maximizing my conversions. It’s my passion.

I’m Always Excited About the Next Split Test, Implementing New Ideas & Creating Innovative Products That Help Fellow IMers Grow Their Businesses Like Gangbusters
Back in the day…

I didn’t have a huge marketing budget, so I couldn’t afford a lot of advertisement.

That forced me to learn how to squeeze every bit of profit potential from the traffic I could afford.

It’s definitely a science.

But the beauty of science is:

It can be duplicated by anyone again… and again… and again.

Now, I get it…

You probably don’t have the entire day to spend in front of your computer learning Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc…

…or the entire night implementing everything you’ve digested on never-ending split tests and conversion experiments – like I did.

For most internet marketers…

The thought of designing a stunning, high-converting squeeze page or sales letter is challenging at best. (And a life-sucking nightmare at worst.)

That being said…

You’ve Probably Seen Those “Super Easy Squeeze Page Creators”,
“Drag & Drop Page Builders” or “Awesome WordPress Plugins?”

They ALL claim you can generate insane squeeze pages or sales letters in just a matter of minutes?

But it turns out that:

One of them only allows you to choose a background image (and pretty much nothing else)…

Another one doesn’t support the autoresponder you use, making it completely obsolete…

And to use the next one, well… you’d have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the less-than-intuitive WordPress Admin Interface. That’s putting it lightly.

So, you’re either stuck with extremely limited functionality or a totally unintuitive interface that’s virtually impossible to use.

All you’re thinking is, “I just wasted hours of my time for nothing… NEXT!”

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Since a truly user-friendly, automated squeeze page and sales letter WordPress Plugin didn’t exist, it was up to me to design the ultimate funnel creator.

One that was not only easy to use, but leveraged my experience of what I KNOW converts at the highest possible level.

And at last, I FINALLY did it!

I’m extremely proud to introduce…
FunnelKit is extremely easy to install, use and leverage to generate mind-blowing profits.

FunnelKit works on any computer. All you need is a self-hosted WordPress blog.
Geographically Targeted Pages That Are UNIQUE TO EACH VISITOR!

We have integrated our previous bestselling WordPress plugin GEOptin into FunnelKit. Every single visitor that lands on your site will see a PAGE THAT IS UNIQUE TO THEIR LOCATION (when you apply this totally original function.)

People will see a satellite (or map) view of their city – instead of a regular, generic background image. Plus, you can use CITY, COUNTRY, STATE, IP ADDRESS, BROWSER, DATE OR TIME variables, so the page is jam-packed with geographical information that will make your visitor feel like home. GEOptin has been proven to dramatically increase conversions. We know it will for you too.

You can create pages that will say “This offer is available for residents living in %City%”, or “Special system that works in %Country% too!”. And FunnelKit will gererate UNIQUE LEAD CAPTURE PAGE for every visitor!
YouTube Video Backgrounds

“A picture is worth a thousand words…” And a video is better than a thousand pictures!

With FunnelKit, you will be able to set any YouTube video as your page background. You’ll blow your competitors away with these never-before-seen designs.

All you need to do is copy and paste your YouTube video URL.. and you’re set!

With just a little bit of imagination, you can create something truly amazing that shatters your previous best opt-ins rates… and leaves your competition wondering how you did it.
Simple And Professional Admin Panel

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to create stunning, high-converting pages with FunnelKit.

There’s absolutely no learning curve… NONE!

We designed FunnelKit with simple point & click functionality in mind all the way.

You’ll be able to create your first marketing page in 6 simple steps (which literally takes about 3 minutes).


We wanted to eliminate the frustration, and wanted to provide you the tool that you can use to create stunning and highly converting pages for your business.
Perfect For Empower Network, Pure Leverage etc..

Are you a member of Empower Network, Pure Leverage, Big Idea Mastermind, EZ Money Method, Dot Com Secrets X, Neucopia, My Online Business Empire or a similar program?

If so, I hope you’re not using those OLD and EXHAUSTED standard squeeze pages they provide?!?!

Talk about over-exposure!

The problem is… thousands of other marketers are using the same pages, so the conversion rates plummet lower and lower every day (but you’ve probably already figured that out, right?)

The bottom line is…

Those “out of the box” squeeze pages can offer you 6% – 15% conversion rates – IF you’re incredibly lucky. Talk about getting the LEAST bang for your traffic-driving buck.

You can EASILY solve this problem with FunnelKit. You will be able to create stunning squeeze pages (that are easily implemented into your existing marketing funnel) in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind…

FunnelKit only replaces your current squeeze page. The rest of your marketing system (sales pages, affiliate products, follow up messages, etc.) will be UNTOUCHED.

The only thing that changes is…

You will be getting WAY MORE qualified leads from the same amount of traffic (AND WAY MORE PEOPLE IN YOUR DOWNLINE TOO!)
Smart Webform
Style Editor

Not all autoresponder companies offer you the ability to make your forms look visually spectacular (i.e. AWeber or GetResponse.) Likewise, if you’re using autoresponders like GVO, Pure Leverage, SendReach, or something similar, you’re left with web forms that just don’t look… pretty.

With FunnelKit, you can quickly and easily transform your plain-looking HTML web form into an eye-catching, piece of art that your prospects can’t help but fill out.

Don’t have what it takes to create awesome-looking web forms?

Don’t worry – there’s a button for that!

Inside the FunnelKit, you can browse our pre-made gallery and apply the style you want with just one click. Yup. You’re welcome.

Not only that, FunnelKit supports ALL AUTORESPONDERS. It doesn’t matter what is your tool of choice – AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp, ContactContact, GVO, or any other – FunnelKit
Drag And Drop Builder

FunnelKit is all about bringing your vision to life – without ANY barriers.

With built-in easy-to-use DRAG-AND-DROP editor EVERYTHING can be made to look EXACTLY how you imagine it in your mind’s eye. This isn’t one of those WP Plugins that promise you the world, but have an impossible-to-use and/or extremely limiting admin panel.

You want to add a video? Drag and drop it? You need a picture? Drag and drop it! You need a webform or text?

That’s right… You just drag and drop it!

The controls are fluid and, after a very short time, become second nature to you.
Effortlessly Create Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Thank You Pages…

This is NOT just a regular squeeze page builder.

FunnelKit is a true all-in-one solution that you can use to build ANY marketing page.

You can build squeeze pages, thank you pages, landing pages, sales pages, download pages, webinar registration pages and more… Sky’s the limit! You won’t need to spend a cent on other WP Plugins or editors, because FunnelKit has got it all.
Import / Export Pages

Do you want to migrate your marketing pages from one WordPress installation to another?

Or maybe you want to save a great layout you’ve built with FunnelKit – so you can use it later for your other projects?

The built-in import/export feature allows you to quickly back up one or all of your pages onto your computer… and restore them later.

This way you don’t have to build your marketing pages from scratch every single time. You just need to press a button and your page will be instantly created.

Import / export is great for marketing groups and teams. Just imagine if you have a huge Empower Network team (or any marketing audience that is following you). With FunnelKit you can create pages for your students!

All you have to do is quickly create pages, export them – and that’s it!

Your students, colleagues or team members will be able ti import these pages and use as their own!
Callout Messages

Do you read every single text message you receive?

I know I do!

So, we have added a Callout Messages function to FunnelKit.

Callouts are small messages that appear on your page – designed to grab the attention of your visitor, increase the scarcity and/or build trust.

They are ridiculous conversion boosters!

You can use Callout Messages to increase the scarcity on your squeeze pages or sales pages.

Callout messages can be timed so they appear exactly as you want. This is the function that none of any others have. You can only find Callout Messages ONLY in FunnelKit!

Sales Page:
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