Frank Kern – High Paid Advisor [11 MOV + 12 PDF + 6FLV]

Ed Dames – Remote Viewing Training Course

Frank Kern - High Paid Advisor [11 MOV + 12 PDF + 6FLV]

Frank Kern – High Paid Advisor [11 MOV + 12 PDF + 6FLV]

If you’re interested in bumping up your consulting fees – elegantly. Targeting only people that are ready to implement your product or service, right now. Finally getting PAID what you are worth… this training package, is for you.

This material goes from: Simple Profitability to Advanced Scalability
Frank Kern thoroughly explains his very smart marketing/delivery model.
You will have plenty of Client and Money Getting Fun… while shedding road-blocks and bottle-necks.
WHO IS THIS FOR: A person or company with a life changing product or service… that has had some success — but not enough, yet. A person or company that needs a real paradigm shift: Doing the same work, in less time… keeping way more of the profits, realizing across-the-board customer satisfaction, with way less stress.
MINIMUM TAKE-AWAY: You will Believe in, Price Elasticity and Simplicity
WHO IS THIS NOT FOR: A collector of information, the dreamer with No Track-Record… due to taking No Specific Action. (keep your money)
As you can see, there’s a huge amount of material, to get fired-up about.

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