Francis Docan – MLM: The Rich Life [epub, mobi]

Francis Docan - MLM: The Rich Life [epub, mobi]

 Francis Docan – MLM: The Rich Life [epub, mobi]

“There are people who continually strive to make their dreams come true.

Their desires and aims drive them forward to create all that for which they have received strength and talent. Nothing can compel them to accept a purposeless life or the illusory comfort of compromise.

This book was written for people who want a rich life for themselves and are also willing to act accordingly. I know a lot of such people around the world, many of whom are devoted network builders, something very understandable in the 21 st century, this so-called Age of Networking.”

Francis Docan is a personal and professional trainer, communication specialist, expert of life and business coaching, trained mountain guide. He is currently living in Malta.

Publisher: Francis Docan (November 16, 2014)

Format: epub, mobi
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