Foundations of Eastern Civilization – TTC Video

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TTC Video – Foundations of Eastern Civilization

TTC Video – Foundations of Eastern Civilization


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48 Lectures
1 Journey to the East
2 Yin and Yang-The Geography of China
3 Early China and the Mysterious Xia
4 The Coming of the Shang
5 The Shang and Writing for the Gods
6 The Zhou and the Mandate of Heaven
7 Great Ideas of the Zhou-Confucianism
8 Great Ideas of the Zhou-Later Confucianism
9 Great Ideas of the Zhou-Daoism
10 Great Ideas of the Zhou-Legalism
11 The Qin and the First Emperor of China
12 Contact with the West-The Early Han
13 Triumph and Tragedy-The Later Han
14 Silk Roads-In the Footsteps of Nomads
15 Silk Roads-The Envoy Zhang Qian
16 Silk Roads-Perils of Camels and Caravans
17 Silk Roads-Rome and Roads from the West
18 Silk Roads-The Lost Kushan Empire
19 Origins of Buddhism
20 The Age of Disunity
21 The Great Taizong and the Rise of the Tang
22 Changan and the Glittering Tang
23 Korea-Mysterious Beginnings
24 Korea-The Land of Morning Calm
25 Korea-The Unified Silla
26 Korea-The Koryo
27 Japan-Geography and Early Cultures
28 Japan-Treasures of the Tomb Period
29 Japan-Nara and the Great Eastern Temple
30 Japan-The World of the Heian
31 Southeast Asia-Vietnam
32 Southeast Asia-Indian and Islamic Influences
33 The Industrial Revolution of the Song
34 Intellectual and Cultural Life of the Song
35 The Mongols Conquer the World
36 Shaking the Foundation-Mongols in the East
37 The Rise of the Ming
38 Great Treasure Fleets of the Ming
39 The Qing-Nomads Return from the North
40 The Qing-The Last Emperor of China
41 Korea Choson-Rise of the Yangban
42 Korea Choson-The Last Dynasty
43 Medieval Japan-Samurai and Shoguns
44 Tokugawa and Meiji Japan
45 The People’s Republic of China
46 Isolation and Cold War Conflicts
47 The Rise of the East Asian Tigers
48 The Enduring Ideas of Eastern Civilization

TTC Video – Foundations of Eastern Civilization
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