Feminine Empowered Entrepreneur with Vera Menezes 2014

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Feminine Empowered Entrepreneur with Vera Menezes 2014

Feminine Empowered Entrepreneur with Vera Menezes 2014

Feminine Empowered Entrepreneur with Vera Menezes (22.mp3’s, 1.mp4, 1.html file set) 2014
Feminine Empowered Entrepreneur
22 Secrets to Move From Struggle to Higher Income and Influence!
hosted by Vera Menezes

Are You Ready To Be Empowered?

Are you ready to discover the secrets to transform your life

and move from struggle to a higher income and influence?

The women in my life are so special to me and I know many want to thrive in their business, making more money without sacrificing their life and their family.

That is why I am inviting you to join this extraordinary series of interviews, with 20 plus remarkable feminine entrepreneurs. This unique Virtual Summit has been specifically designed to position you to win and embrace your feminine power.

To be honest with you, I’m inspired to give my very best to help you move forward to the next step as a feminine empowered business woman.

Imagine being able to tap into the minds of successful leaders, authors and mentors at no cost!

What if you could literally extract exactly what you need to start, grow, and profit your business the way you’ve always dreamt possible?

Have a business designed around your life purpose, that gives you time to enjoy your life and your family.

You could double or triple your income, use your gifts, authenticity and feminine energy to create balance and fulfillment.

Best of all, you can move from fear and self-doubt to taking inspired and aligned actions that focus on your vision to succeed as a feminine entrepreneur!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be part of this global feminine shift that is inspiring women to tap into their inner power to embrace prosperity and freedom?

You can be an important piece of this movement. Share this with your friends, your mother and any other women you know that could benefit from such an important information.

If you are ready for a real change I invite you and all of the women in your life to join me and my fellow leaders here.

With love,
Vera Menezes

Meet Our Feminine Empowered Entrepreneurs

Healthy Feminine Rhythms and Your Professional Success:
How to Harness the Power of Your Hormones
Joanne Ameya Cohen
Today we discussed:
• How to use your hormones to increase your bank account
• The impact of stress on your hormones
• Practices to tap into your feminine essence – anytime, anywhere
• Natural remedies to support hormonal balance.

Access your Inner Wisdom to Make Empowered Decisions.
Kumari Mullin
Kumari covered the following points:
• No one can empower you; you must consciously CLAIM your own POWER!
• Everything is energy; and therefore everything can be shifted.
• Knowing how to consistently receive your own inner clarity is perhaps the single most important skill
every entrepreneur must develop.

Come Home to the Vividly Woman in You – Body, Self and Soul!
Leela Francis
Today you will learn how to:
• Access your embodied wisdom as you claim your Sensual, Emotional and Intuitive power;
• Ignite and sustain energy radiance through the five Vividly Woman Textures;
• Discover the gift of the three Vividly Woman lenses as tools of personal inquiry to weave your glorious way back home.

How to Sell like a Woman, Bold and Beautiful
Kim Boudreau Smith
In this interview, Kim and I discuss:
• How women can become more confident as business owners;
• How to sell from the heart;
• How to increase visibility for self and business.

3 Smart Ways to Attract New Clients and Income with Speaking
Amonda Rose
In her interview we discussed about:
• The # 1 mistake that most speakers and entrepreneurs make that can determine whether their speaking opportunities
are truly profitable.
• An essential speaking mindset shift that will radically transform your expert status and help you step into the
spotlight with ease.
• How to turn your traditional and challenging presentations into powerful, lucrative speaking opportunities that
brings in tons more money just by adding a few essential steps.

Heal Your Money Wounds
Sharon Hess
In today’s interview you’ll hear:
• What are money wounds and where do they come from;
• Learn how you may have money wounds and not know it;
• Why we block abundance and what we can do about it;
• How to recognize your value and worth.

Your Sacred Gifts
Monique MacDonald
In her interview today you will:
• receive the Feel on Purpose Formula – a simple easy practical formula that allows you to immediately assess if and why you are
currently feeling or not feeling purpose in your life and work.
• understand what Sacred Gifts are and why you can be excellent and successful at doing something and yet not feel any sense of
purpose in doing it. You’ll understand what the difference is between skills/ talents and gifts.
• come away clear on the difference between your Human-ness and your Being-ness and why it’s imperative to know the
difference in terms of your sense of purpose and passion.

How Awakening the Sacred Feminine Can Help You Make Money While Making
a Greater Difference in the World
Misa Hopkins
In Misa interview today you will:
• Discover the true meaning of feminine empowerment;
• Discover three ways you can bring feminine consciousness into your business and life;
• Discover how your emotions can actually help you have greater influence and success.

Love and Success: Women in Business
Tambra Harck
In her interview today you will understand that:
• Your future is not determined by your past. Neither is your NOW;
• Empowerment is something you ARE, not what you do to others;
• You have within your access, everything you need to live a life of joy, love, wisdom, wealth and well- being.

Moving From Competition to Cooperation
Vera Menezes
In her interview she shares:
• How being a Feminine Entrepreneur can help you to thrive in your business;
• The millenary mindset secrets of the Divine Feminine Entrepreneur;
• How to move from competition to cooperation to create a successful business;
• The 10 top characteristics of a successful business entrepreneur.

Unleash the Feminine Entrepreneur Within to Create a Thriving Business:
Learn about your Sacred Money Archetypes
Nora Cabrera
In Nora’s interview today you will:
• Learn why your relationship with money matters with success;
• Understand how most female entrepreneurs are losing money and clients;
• Discover 3 ways to quickly become empowered with money.

The Hidden Killer of Feminine Business Success (And How To Beat It)
Stephanie Adams
On today’s interview Stephanie will share with you:
• The hidden killer of feminine business success is anxiety and self-doubt;
• The biggest obstacle preventing women from stopping this “hidden killer” is not realizing it can and will happen to you;
• The secret to overcoming this “hidden killer” is CRAVE-ing an anxiety-free business.
(Confidently Relating, Aligning with your Value Enterprise.)

Using Laughter–and Laughter Yoga–as a Healing Tool!
Mary Rives
On Mary’s interview today you will:
• Learn how to use laughter as a healing tool for transformation;
• Learn to laugh for no reason;
• Learn how to start your own daily laughter practice.

The Bigger Picture in Spirit, Energy and Manifestation from
a Mystic Cosmologist Entrepreneur
Khaleghl Quinn
On her interview Dr. Khaleghl will talk about:
• What being a feminine empowered entrepreneur mean to you;
• The importance of being true to one’s nature in choice of work.
• The dangers of not incorporating the feminine in being an entrepreneur?

How to launch a lucrative business without losing your mind!
Linda Albright Tomb
Today Linda will talk about:
• What do she means by a “spiritual” plan;
• What kind of “business” techniques she recommends;
• What women supposed to do when it comes to selling their services;
• What to do when life gets overwhelming.

Feminine Empowerment through Self-Love
Krystalya Marie’
On today’s interview Krystalya will share with you:
• How to feel less stressed;
• How to make your days more blissful;
• How you to meditate easily;
• How to find happiness amidst chaos, fear and stress;
• How to Love Yourself More.

Ignite Your Success by Reclaiming Your Feminine Fire
Caro Cloutier
On her interview Caro will talk about:
• Consciously connecting to your breath relaxes and calmly redistributes energies for successful endeavours.
• Your fear, worry, scattered thoughts and actions can be realigned for more useful focus through the grounding point.
• A presence practice nourishes you and keeps you open and awake to new opportunities and possibilities.

Accessing Your Innate Wisdom – How to Step Through Fear in Moments of Self-Doubt
Laura Clark
On her interview today Laura will talk about:
• FEAR is self-created and exists in our own minds and emotions;
• You are able to overcome FEAR at any given time;
• You can develop and hone your own intuition by using specific awakening tools to step into your own brilliance and live a more
abundant life and a life filled with joy ~ regardless of what you are experiencing ~ because that is what we divinely deserve.
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